Dressing up as if I'm going out to work - even when I'm at home

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Some random art I made

It has been almost 2 years since the pandemic began and we all started working from home. I myself have been "working" at home since 2018 so not-going-out doesn't affect me that much unlike those who were always out but I still miss those times where I get to go out normally (before the pandemic) because I felt like I was so motivated to do stuff when I get to prepare and walk.

Since we all have been staying inside and just occasionally walk to exercise, it gets hard to be motivated to do anything. My routine is to wake up, feed the pets and myself, do my usual computer stuff, maybe cook at lunch, shower in the afternoon but still be in my pajamas, and then continue with the work stuff.

Lately, I've been seeing myself not having that much energy or motivation to work probably because I've been too comfortable at home and lack of sunlight too haha.

So, I thought what if I dress up as if I'm going out to work? Will that motivate me?

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The other day, I did it and it gave me some energy and excitement. I wore make up and dressed my going-out dress and treated the house as if it was a hotel. XD

I saw myself being in a euphoric state. I even took videos of myself walking like a model in a runway just to hype myself up and it gave me some energy. Yes, the technique worked cos I guess psychologically it gave me the memory of going out to show off your best self.

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It also gave me some going-to-work mindset which was nice. Since, you know, you aren't in your pajamas so unconsciously you're treating your home environment as a work one.

I feel like I'm gonna do this more often especially when I learn how to manage my time better.

Even though technically it is easier to work from home, in other ways it can also be hard. You'd have to have a proper mindset to be able to get that energy and also so you won't forget to take care of yourself.

What do you do to motivate yourself to work at home?

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