4 days living alone, I accidentally cut my finger lol


So while I was cutting potatoes yesterday, I also accidentally cut my finger. Believe me, I don't usually cut myself or hurt myself in other ways (me not that clumsy haha) so this surprised me. xD What's worse is the cut is DEEP. It immediately bled like a mf and it hurt a lot too.

My first time using Siri

After a millisecond I realized I was bleeding, I immediately washed it. That's when I realized it was deep and so I applied pressure using my other hand.

I wanna make sure I don't have to apply anything else or if I was doing the right thing, so the first thing that came to my mind was to search the internet on what is the proper way to deal with it. I know applying pressure is a must to stop the bleeding but you know, I was thinking maybe I should apply something to prevent infection.

Since I was using my other hand to apply pressure, I can't type at the same time.

Then boom.

I remember I set up Siri a few weeks ago.

"Hey Siri"

Dayuuuuum. Siri was all ears haha!

My dog was also barking at the same time (probably sensed something was wrong?) so it took me twice for Siri to understand what I was saying. It was a success and I found out I just need to run water and apply pressure and wait til the bleeding stops.

I already saw it coming

You know what's really interesting? While I was at the grocery store, I had the sudden strong urge to buy first aid essentials. I really don't use them often nor do I have the habit of keeping first aid kit in cases like this, so I was wondering why I felt like I needed to.

I only bought Hydrogen Peroxide (I don't know how to use it tho :P) and band aids (since I already have alcohol and cotton pads) and felt satisfied with it. I only felt like I was gonna use it soon. Haha. And I was right. xD

How is it now

image0 (20).jpg

The bleeding already stopped and the wound closed a bit, but it really hurts when it gets hit or touched. One time I was trying to carry my dog and it hit so bad that I yelped and it bled again. It's the deepest cut that I had so I didn't know it would hurt this much lol.

Thankfully my cells are fast with healing and closing the wound so there was only little bleeding after that and I expect this to heal soon.

I surely will be very careful next time especially when I know my knife is new and very sharp!

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