This is the positive sign of covid-19 on our planet.

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Covid-19 has brought a great disaster for mankind. We have lost millions of people and the number is still increasing. Millions have lost their jobs as well and many people are on the edge of extreme poverty and hunger.

However, it brought relief to animals and wildlife. According to a study lockdown caused by covid prevents cruise ships from entering oceans. This resulted in good for whales.

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Now, whales and other ocean animals are feeling safe and their world is little louder now. The noise caused by running of ships has reduced because of low count of ships in oceans. This is really pleasant that the animals are having good time. We should not forget that animals and other creatures are also a part of our world. They are as important as we are. So, we should not destroy them. We are not alone and also depends on them. They can live without us, but we have no other choice.

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