My Daughter’s Neck


I awoke this morning to an alarming, new contour on my daughter’s neck.

Practically overnight, a cherry sized lump of who knows what swelled up beneath her skin. It was painful to the touch and stiffened that side her neck.

We rushed to the ER and were admitted almost immediately, which helped ease my anxiety a bit, but I knew there would be tests, needles... and screaming. And there was.

Having to hold your child down while she screams, trying to resist the blood taking with simultaneous “NO! NO! NOs!” and then innocent “uh-ohs” in her tender little voice was horrible and endearing all at the same time.

Ultrasound revealed her lymph nodes are swollen there for reasons unknown. After that appetizer, the doctor - with a certain lack of gravitas - says that it could be cancer... BUT... it could also be an infection.

She probably should have led with that.

In any case, the other doctor(s) disagreed and believe the swelling is caused by an infection due to its rapid onset and some data her blood revealed, which also suggested an infection.

We’re now back at home, giving her a pretty serious regimen of antibiotics. If the swelling goes down, it’s an infection and things should heal and she’ll be in the clear. If it doesn’t we’re gonna have to biopsy.

Worst. Day. Ever.

I hope it stays that way and the swelling goes down.

Send your funniest memes please.

I need a laugh.



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