Found a hidden bunker


Last week i took my two boys out for a walk in the dunes and forest close to our home. We took a path that led us to a gate but there was a small piece were we could pass so we did and then we came acros a open field. After we crossed this field we Walk into the tree line and there it was a huge bunker hidden in the middle off No were..


Behind the bunker was a very long wall and we went to check it out wen 2 men appear and stopped us. At first i thought wtf do they want but then they showed me some id and told me that we weren’t allowed to be there.. How they find us?? It is weird we were so far in the middle of nowere...


After this weird encounter the 2 men escorted us back to the main walking route making sure that we wouldn’t go any further... Anyway we had a nice time but i wonder what more is out there...

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