Day 1200 | Afternoon Walk

I started a challenge of taking 100 days off to mainly focus on my health and overall personal development and used this account as a personal blog to keep track of all my activity. I enjoyed it and continued afterward trying to build better habits and find a good balance between health, fitness, work and my personal life...

Not that much was special about monday as I went about my business as usual. I did go out for an afternoon walk and do plan to get a lot more active again as I'm no the crossroad between a very long lonckdown staying inside of my comfort zone to being able to get out there again as I'm nearly fully immune by now. Tuesday as always will be family day but I will get home again quite soon as there is a football match to be played.

DayBed TimeAwakeOut BedDay Score
01 Aug01:0007:3008:407
02 Aug00:3007:3008:306

90-Day Consistancy Challenge

Days LeftWeightWorkoutDietWaterExpenses
9069.2 kgLevel 1v3L0€
8968.8 kgLevel 1v3L0€
8868.6 kgLevel 1v3L2.5€
8768.5 kgLevel 2v3L2€
8668.9 kgLevel 2x3L9€
8569.1 kgLevel 3x3L10€
8469.3 kgLevel 1v2.5L3.5€
8369.1 kgLevel 1v3L5€
8269.0 kgLevel 1v3L15€
8169.2 kgxxxx2.5L10€
8069.2 kgLevel1v3L5€
7969.2 kgLevel 1v3L4€
7869.1 kgLevel 2v3L2€
7769.4 kgLevel 2x2.5L4€
7669.4 kgLevel 2x3L6€
7569.0 kgLevel 1v3L0€
7468.8 kgLevel 2v3L0€
7369.1 kgLevel 2x3.5L5€
7269.0 kgxxxx3.5L5€
7169.4 kgxxxx2L8€
7069.5 kgxxxx2L6€
6969.2 kgxxxv2.5L2.2€
6869.0 kgxxxv2.0L5€
6769.1 kgxxxv2.0L8€
6669.0 kgLevel 2v3L0€
6568.4 kgLevel 2v3L0€
6468.8 kgxxxv2.5L7€
6367.9 kgLevel 2v3L0€
6267.9 kgLevel 2v3L0€
6167.9 kgLevel 1v3L14€
6068.1 kgxxxv3L0€
5967.8 kgxxxv3L5€
5867.9 kgxxxx2L12€
5768.0 kgxxxx2.5L6€
5668.3 kgLevel 1x2L7€
5568.7 kgxxxx2L6€
5468.9 kgxxxx2L10€
5369.0 kgxxxx2L6€
5269.4 kgxxxx2.5L10€
5169.4 kgLevel 1x2.0L4€
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