Fun Run then Steemit with Friends

It's a good start ushering the Dog Year on day 2 of Chinese New Year.

Quiet Fun Run

This morning before dawn, @diamondray and I got ready to begin our day with sentimental run, side by side, on our own with only few cars passing by.

Just like the old days where i could cycle (hands off handle) in the middle of the single lane road and knowing when there's an oncoming car behind because i could hear the car engine grunt from a reasonable distance.

Back to our side by side morning run, though the weather was warm and muggy, our intention is to complete the mission to run a span of more than a half marathon that is more than 21km stretch.

As usual, i would take pictures along the way and taking a short break at the same time. Well, it rain eventually, just have to keep moving forward because home is only a mile away...kunun! lah (sort of!) but it helps to distract your mind from the pain, the struggles, the aches and all kinds of discomfortness. So, think the opposite way, like getting phsyhed up by thinking a nice long shower, getting massage by rubbing the soothing smell of peppermint oil, feel the comfortness of soft fluffy pillows...without realizing you're just a few steps away and you're back on home ground.

Managed to take a shot of the Labuan Clock tower which is an exact replica of original clock tower built in the 1900s

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The ruins after WWII. That's what is left of the original Clock Tower of Labuan Island, Borneo.

STEEMIT with Friends

My friends, @jeand and @letsheereyes who are Filipinos decided to meet up for a basic tutorial on how to do the STEEMIT from scratch. At my dining home area, we chatted a bit in our comfy language 'TagalMangLish' (my version of Tagalog+Malay+English) and started the step by step basic guides on how to do the followings:

• securing the Steemit password
• inserting images
• copy/paste URL or link
• inserting profile picture and cover image
• type and explore the correct tagging
• commenting and upvote

It was much easier to help them during the one-on-one walk through basics, hands on with their own mobile phones and showed them how to operate as opposed to laptop or tab functions.

Please welcome them into the Steemit family and with your support they too can introduce more potential Steemians into this platform.

Collage 2018-02-17 18_26_41.jpg
After the fun filled blogging for beginners experience, their looks has turned into a very serious expression...number prediction homework for tonight's lucky draw.

Gratitude and Appreciation

I wouldn't be able to help my friends if weren't for the classes conducted by dedicated mentors to continue supporting new born planktons or minnows.

I would like to sincerely thank @diamondray for organizing the 1st Labuan Steemit workshop last month on 17th Jan and then followed by the 2nd Steemit Introduction gathering held on 27th Jan. Also, would like to express my sincere gratitude to @bitrocker2020 all the way from KL to enlightened us with various tips, do's/don'ts, introductory live demo on cashing out Steem Dollars and answered all our questions. To all who have attended...oopppsss! that will be elaborated more on my next post with regards to the recent 100 Degrees Intro to Steemit briefings.

Cheerio fellow Steemians and have a productive day ahead 😊


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