Recognizing an opportunity

It looks as if things are starting to turn around already. The price of Steem reached a scary low price and on the same day, almost as if it was coordinated it jumped up 30% up. In short I prepared myself to sleep friday night wondering how long would it take for the price to turn around, only to wake up to the fact that it had done just that.

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I was happy to see the people who resonated with the message I shared on my last post. I realize that to many the challenges ahead are nowhere close to being done, but none the less chose to not lose hope.

The reaction and comments of my fellow Steemians on my last post, remind me of the reasons why I decided to join this platform and share messages of positivity. I'm aware that some of the things I say are not for everyone, and to some they seem like misplaced hope, but that's only because many choose to surrender to a more cynical side, and not embrace ideas aligned with gratitude and acceptance.

If you are still feeling a bit worried and confused. Take the opportunity to see the last days as a glimpse of what is sure to come. Markets are almost always cyclical, and this applies not only to cryptocurrencies, but also more traditional financial markets that exist. In truth, the technology of blockchain and the cryptocurrencies that have been built with it are destined for great things, but only for those who wait, only for those who recognize the opportunity ahead of us.

In my opinion, the best thing we could be doing at the moment is taking the time to learn more about cryptocurrencies and more specifically Steem. Understanding how things work, the value proposition of the currency in detail, does wonders to keep the mind at ease, I can guarantee that much.

I read a little while ago someone stating that if a currency does not gain in double digits, then it must mean the currency was not any good. I think this way of thinking is very short sighted, and it does not take into account the way speculators and traders think and operate. A steady growth is sustainable. It means that the people who have chosen to participate of the market are willing to hold long positions, to believe in the long term vision of a project. The contrast to that would be the hyper rallies with double digits that more times than most are market manipulations designed to make a small group of people very rich.

So I ask you, and I mean this sincerely. What is your long term vision for the platform? Are you here because you understand how a blockchain like Steem can effectively change the world? Or are you here because someone told you this was and easy way to make money?

My line of questions may sound harsh, but I think they are necessary, specially in trialing times like the ones we are living at the moment. In truth, none of the things that are easy to acquire have ever been worth anything. Its because of this that I believe that the challenge we are facing is probably proof that this is a struggle worth struggling for.

We hear it all the time, we read things like this all the time. People who get scared and sell their holdings when things don't go their way. They buy into a project, not understanding nor willing to understand the system, but hoping that everything goes well. I ask you, Does that make sense at all?

I have no doubt in my mind the recovery of the market is already underway. Most of the information available at the moment indicates that things are ripe to turn around. It's because of this that I call this moment, an opportunity. For contrast imagine how all those people who panicked and soled their steem for a dollar might feel at this moment. I bet there is more than a few who are feeling pretty upset, and it's only been two days.

We will have to wait a little longer and see what this week has in store for us. But I'm willing to bet that the Bull rally is about to start.

Stay safe, trade smart if you have to or do what is probably the best thing to do. Hold your coins and practice some patience.

Regards to all


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