Rusty's first trip


Once upon a time there was a young foal named Rusty. He was a little daydreamer who loved to stay in the sun all day long and loved it to graze in the pasture with his eyes closed.
When the adult horses spoke to him about it and warned him - "You can't see what you are eating with your eyes closed!", he always said - "I don't care. I like to be surprised and the unpredictable tastes allow my soul to draw fantastic pictures in my imagination."
But he couldn't have guessed, that one of his most fantastic journeys awaited him, full of incredible pictures, smells and feelings, just a few inches ahead of him in the pasture.
With his eyes still closed, he suddenly noticed a magical smell. Attracted by it, his steps grew faster until the smell penetrated his nostrils very strongly.
He bit in the wondrous thing under his mouth with pleasure. "Weird, it feels spongy when I chew it."

Suddenly the earth shook below him, a bright light appeared before his eyes and his feet seemed no longer to have to carry the weight of his body. Weightless, free from burden. Everything around him changed in a strange way. But it felt good. So good that he couldn't stop giggling.
And then began Rusty's first journey, a fantastic trip full of magic. A flight through the rainbow to unknown lands and worlds.
What will he report when he comes back?

He knew the stories of Alice in Wonderland from his parents. But they didn't tell him that the magic mushrooms from the stories really exist. A great sign of fate.

Cover image of this post (this is not the actual collage)

This is my contribution to the LMAC Contest Round 52. I thought it would be a good idea to tell Rusty's little story with a story strip.
(Image below is my contribution, ↓↓↓ not the cover image of this post. :-) )

My contest contribution


The collage contains parts of multiple images. I took the most from Pixabay and the images are free to use. Except the background image with the horses on the pasture. This was a template photo provided by @shaka.

Template photo

Photos from Pixabay

An unicorn for Rusty's horn.Click
This little rascal lent his body to Rusty.Click
The source of Rusty's wings.Click
Magic mushrooms.Click

Creation process in a GIF

This GIF partially shows the creation process.
Unfortunately, I didn't notice that my screenshot software crashed in the middle of work, so I didn't have enough screenshots to document the entire creation process.


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