Review of Kocok Noodle Haji Daud

The serving of tek tek noodles starts with sauteed ati and gizzard, if you cook it special, and vegetables use a little oil. Until half-cooked, the frying pan changes by adding instant noodles using a little water.

Then, then the sauteed ingredients combined with sliced ​​cabbage, fresh tomatoes, and chili sauce you can choose. Do not forget to also add flavor enhancers like salt and ebi, also the most important, the secret ingredients of Pak Amin's concoction.

After all is mixed, the mi tek tek is also presented in a state of noodles that are still al dente. Plus pickles that are not too sour and a plate of crackers, this simple dish has a luxurious taste.

One portion of this noodles that is quite a lot makes you only need to spend around Rp. 13 thousand and Rp. 17 thousand if you choose a special dish using ati and ampela. Prices are very economical, even in the count of street food in Bandung.

One of the customers who claimed to have been a customer for a long time was Asep. "Often. From the time of my mother I also bought it here. It doesn't seem to change, he said. So, it's already become a subscription," he said.

Restaurant NameKocok Noodle Haji Daud
AddressJalan Banda Aceh - Medan, Tambon Baroh
Location5.236476800000001, 97.02509599999999
Type of Food
Time of Day
Price Range

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