Review of bakso aurora

Meatballs again ...
Nasgor delicious nasgor delicious ...
Chicken noodles ... chicken noodles ... really

  • Want to eat delicious meatballs at cheap prices and halalan toyyibah?
  • Want to eat delicious meatballs where it's comfortable, full wifi?
  • Want to eat different meatballs from existing meatballs?
  • Want to eat meatballs with a lot of choices?
  • Want to eat meatballs according to your choice and bag size?
  • Want to eat meatballs don't use heat panasan?
  • Want to eat meatballs while gathering, thank you or meeting?
    Don't be confused we have a solution all ....
    Prove it directly come to cak masrur meatballs

Restaurant Namebakso aurora
Addressdepan komplek perumahan asean kruenggeukueh, Paloh Lada
Location5.237227100000001, 97.0199988
Type of Food
Time of Day
Price Range

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