BTC is Doing it’s Thing 🚀 ☘️ Coffee Peak News ☕

Bitcoin Price is ULTRA HOT AGAIN🔥


It has crossed $59K and doesn't seem afraid to go higher! 👀

One thing is clear for me now:

My alerts from TradingView are paying off !!

Unless you know how to make your own API program, any TradingView subscription is worth the price, if you're someone serious about trading.

My experience during trading has improved by a far margin.

I am using Known Trading RSI+EMA+Control Zones Indicator.



I use the Stochastic and RSI indicators to match whats appearing for everyone on Binance. The two one the bottom.


I am showing my favorite indicators on the image above. Especially for Daily Charts.


If you have any question, let me know in the comments.

The trick is:

Buy at 20 and sell at 80 using this RSI+EMA indicator. You can test it by yourself, just study what happened in the past and make your judgement to see if works.


And the Years Have Passed

It’s been 3 and a half years I’m trading crypto regularly, but just recently I felt brave enough to subscribe to a paid service.

At first, decided to try 1 month for free, because I wanted to set some indicator alerts, instead of price alerts, so I went with the simple Pro option for around $15.

🧠 I wonder what my past self would think about taking internet magic money more serious than what my whole country has to offer.


Let’s see, my trial ended around 2 weeks ago and I extended my plan in order to have more alerts available. My monthly plan ends in 10 days and I’ll keep the PRO + subscription.

Experience and opinion:

It’s crazy, but I’m able to set 100 alerts and still feel I needed more.
Anyway, it got paid off in the first day.

My first 125x leverage trading using Binance Futures went well a few weeks ago:


The best thing about it is having 100 alerts and setting at least 1/3 of them on indicators.
I will make another post specifically explaining how this works, but it's very easy to learn by yourself.

Just look the result below:
$ 29.95 for the PRO + Subscription every month may sound a bit expensive, but if your trading volume is above $1k, and you have time to set your trades when an alarm rings, most probably in the first week it will be paid.

It was great! But I don’t recommend doing this, unless you have experience trading.

Since then I decided to rest for a few days as a reward, and it’s been days I don’t trade.

But my alerts are still there and today it worked like a charm.

My plan is to way for a pump on hive during the next hours. I believe it will happen until Sunday. I’ll be back here making another post so stay tuned. Peace.


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(Update: it is even higher now)

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