VOCUP Announcement - New Token in Town

After a month of setting things up, we are announcing the creation and launch of a new token - VOCUP!
It's available for buying and trading at Hive-Engine and Tribaldex exchanges.

VOCUP logo

Basic Info

Token name: VOCUP
Maximum supply: 10,000
First issuing edition: 200
1st edition price: $5 Hive (Swap.Hive) per token
Precision: 1 decimal place
NO Staking
NO Delegation
Exchanges: Hive-Engine and Tribaldex

Description & Goal

VOCUP is a token created for an experimental, passive, longer-term investment plan. (Although different, still somewhat similar to BRO, UTOPIS, or BYT token.)

First and foremost, we intend to help new Hive members/bloggers and those with smaller accounts (in terms of Hive Power - staked Hive), regardless of whether they hold the token or not. But if they do, they will have a chance to receive a special bonus randomly.
(What kind of bonus is it, we intend to keep it a secret for now. The opportunity for this special bonus will apply to all token holders.)

At the same time, those (whether small fishes or giant whales) who decided to support our project by purchasing VOCUP tokens will be rewarded as we will share 90% of our Hive rewards with them. (10% we will keep for maintenance purposes and eventually needed project development, as well as possible future projects.)

Reward/Dividend will be sent out to token/shareholders at least once per month, biweekly, weekly, or daily (subject to change) according to the holding stats at the time of the snapshot.
Meaning that now, in the beginning, we are planning to take a holding stats snapshot once per month. But, as the project grows, we will shorten the time between two snapshots.

We would also keep records of non-payable small amounts until they reach a payable quantity. We will send it out with the first possible rewards share that will follow.

The difference compared to other rewarding projects

While most of the rewarding projects out there are based on Hive Power delegation, we wanted to do it differently. Therefore we intend to avoid those delegations, so every user can keep holding the maximum possible power for active use.

By that, and through their blockchain activities (mainly posting and curating), users may mine/produce more Hive for themselves, some of which would be delivered to them as Hive Power while the other in the form of liquid HBD and/or HIVE.

Users then might use those liquid assets for purchasing our VOCUP token that would bring them additional passive income without the need to reduce their active Hive Power through delegations.

At the same time, as the token doesn't have a staking or delegation option, it will remain available in users' holding until it is sold or gifted.

Token price and issuing dynamics

VOCUP tokens will be issued in different size batches (editions). The size of every new following edition will remain unknown until that batch is out. A new batch will be issued when the previous one is sold out.

Each new batch (edition) will cost approximately (up to) twice as much as the previous one.
(For example, the current 1st edition size is 200 tokens for $5 Hive per token. The 2nd edition will cost up to $10 Hive per token. The 3rd edition will cost up to $20 Hive per token, and so on, until the whole quantity is issued.)

From this alone, you can conclude that, as with everything in life, early birds and first adopters will be able to benefit from this project the most. That's why we set the starting, 1st edition price (according to our project plans) maximum possible low of $5 Hive (less than USD 3), so even the new or newer Hive members and those with small accounts might afford it. (Especially considering that the minimum purchase amount is 0.1 token for the price of 0.500 Hive/Swap.Hive, that's less than 30 US cents /$0.30 US/.)
However, those who will join at later stages shouldn't be disappointed either.

Rewards calculation and distribution

The total amount of Hive rewards gathered and received during a specific period (month, two weeks, week, or day) will be split between token holders (90%) and the VocUp account (10%).

90% of the reward will be divided between token holders according to their token holdings at the time of a snapshot and in relation to the total supply amount.
Please, be aware that tokens put up on sale will NOT be counted as holdings!

(See the example below! The amounts listed in the table are for explanatory purposes only!)

Example of Rewards calculation and distribution

Received rewards, in liquid HIVE, users/token holders can use as they wish, like for powering up, investing in other projects or games like Splinterlands, dCity, dCrops, Rising Star, or some other, or even to buy some more VOCUP tokens.

Final notes & Disclaimer

VocUp account and VOCUP token are created as an experimental project with the investment possibility for passive, longer-term income in the form of Hive rewards.

Despite our best intentions and efforts, and considering it is an experimental project, we cannot guarantee its success or predict and guarantee potential earnings for participants.

Accordingly, we don't provide any legal, investment, or financial advice here! Therefore, anything said in this announcement should not be considered as such.

For now, the best way to participate in this project is to approach it as a fun lottery and invest only the amounts you can afford to lose.

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