Rewards For September Have Been Sent Out

Rewards for September (2022) are our second shared reward. They were sent out two days ago, on October 1st, 2022. The snapshot was taken on September 30th, 2022, at midnight (UTC).

Vocup 2nd Rewards

Our small family of token holders is slowly growing! 😃
Therefore, we want to give special thanks to @ironshield, @edgerik, and @alzee, our new September arrivals who gave us their trust.

We believe as time goes by and the longer you stay with us as our token holders, the more satisfied you will be. Please, just keep in mind that it's a longer-term project, and therefore let the time speak for itself.

Table of Vocup 2nd Rewards Sent Out

Current Progress by 2022-09

Powering Up

As in August, during September, we were powering up our account in the amount and according to the dynamics by which the VOCUP token was purchased.

Two days ago, on October 1st, 2022, we added another 100 HIVE of our own money to increase our Hive Power, which brought us a new Power Up Day badge for October 2022 from HiveBuzz.

Power Up Day badge for 2022-10

Curation & Tipping

At the beginning of our project (in August 2022), we invested some of our initial funds in purchasing the ALIVE token.

By now, we have accumulated something above 5.6K Alive Power. This staked amount makes our upvote worth something above 1 ALIVE (at 100% power) and as well allows us to use We Are Alive Tribe's tipping bot 20 times daily.

Therefore, among other tags, we are actively curating the #aliveandthriving tag and doing it through its domicile interface on WeAreAliveAnd.Social.

This way, curated posts published under the above tag are rewarded with HIVE and ALIVE and tipped with an additional 0.1 $ALIVE.

In September (2022), we also bought 10K of BBH (Bitcoin Backed Hive) tokens (more about it you can find out here) that currently allows us to use its token bot five times per day in the amount of 1 BBH per tip.

Besides that, we also bought and collected 256 LOLZ tokens and staked them. This staked amount allows us to use that tipping bot six times daily with a tipping amount of 1 LOLZ. (More about LOLZ token you may find here.)

All in all, and in short, by now, along the curation process, we were giving mainly ALIVE tips.
From now on, the plan is to add BBH and LOLZ tips, so 11 upvoted posts (by us) per day will be able to receive as well a comment with two tips in the combination of ALIVE+BBH or ALIVE+LOLZ.

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To buy a VOCUP token, visit Hive-Engine or Tribaldex exchange.

Please look at our Announcement post to find out more about our project.

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