Buying, Hodl and Staking - Manage Hive based tokens on Hive-Engine exchange platform. Passive Income.

Buying, Hodl and Staking - Manage Hive based tokens on Hive-Engine exchange platform. Passive Income.

From my point of view, Hive-Engine is one of the most valuable platforms that allows you to buy, do staking, or to make multiple exchange ... it simply allows you to keep those coins and tokens safe in which you have decided in time to invest. An attractive platform that allows you to make, Hodl your precious treasure. I have been using the platform for many months and honestly, i have not encountered any problems.
Over time i discovered a lot of interesting tokens that simply attracted me, for example: - #Leo #Sports #Dec #Sim #POB #Cine #Pal #Archon #Luv #Pizza #Beer #Wine and many, many others. Some gained from posts created in the communities of these representative tokens, present in the #Hive #Blockchain, and many of course bought - the important thing is that Hive-Engine allows me to be in position, in a protected environment, with these valuable digital goods. At the moment i'm trying to hold many of these tokens in Hive-Engine, with the optimism that the market will recover and the price of these tokens will be quite good. That is, with each passing day the Hive Blockchain platform, along with its projects and products, have become much more interesting and of course quite attractive and i tend to believe that things will continue to move forward, as has happened so far.
Issuer @raymondspeaks @brofund

Some time ago i discovered some more special tokens, which after purchasing and keeping them in the Hive-Engine wallet brought me certain benefits. For example #Brocoin ( #BRO ) - A rather interesting project with a community of investors who are rewarded daily in many dividend payments in Hive-Engine. You can earn 50% daily curation rewards from @Brofund. You will need to buy and hold Brocoin in order to benefit from those daily rewards. Rewards is based on how much Brocoin you hold in Hive-Engine wallet.


Issuer @he-index

Another token that offers rewards in the form of daily dividends in Hive-Engine, is the #INDEX token. 80% of all rewards (mining and curation) are paid to INDEX holders based on the percentage of total tokens they hold. Rewards are paid out automatically once a day. #LEO #POB #SIM #DEC #SPORTS #PAL #ARCHON and many more.
Issuer @taskmanager

Another token that offers daily rewards is #DHEDGE (Disco Hedge). According to your current DHEDGE holdings, every day you will receive many tokens from the @dhedge-drips account. That means if you buy and hold many DHEDGE tokens on your portfolio, you can earn more rewards. Okay, there are many tokens to take advantage of - tokens where you can earn dividends only by holding or maybe staking them. Tokens like #INDEX #DHEDGE #UTOPIS #SPI #LBI are tokens that i recommend - tokens from which you can develop your portfolio of digital goods in the Hive Engine platform.

Thank🙂 you for your time. Cheers🙋‍♂️ to everyone🌍

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