Leo Power Up Day first anniversary

Today is #LPUD 1 year anniversary and as always I joined the fun

For those who don't know, Leo Power Up Day (#LPUD) is a day when the most engaged Lions in the LeoFinance community gather around to show their support and appreciation for this amazing community.

The way they do it is by powering up LEO tokens (currently 150 LEO), making the community stronger month after month.

Last month we had a record-breaking #LPUD as the Lions really showed the power of the pack and powered up more than 1 million tokens.

This month is the 1 year anniversary of #LPUD so we had to do something special! The outstanding result of last month was heavily influenced by the Zealy campaign so it wasn't realistic to expect a similar result this month so instead of that, we have been tasked with a new goal:

Have 200 Lions powering up at least 150 LEO

The current record is 195 Lions so we need to push a little harder to get there!

What's in for me on this #LPUD thing?

The best things about #LPUD is that you are not only contributing to the growth of LeoFinance as a whole but you can also win some sweet prizes!

You can check the official announcement for a detailed description of the rewards and rules but in a nutshell this is the deal:

The requirements to be eligible for the prizes are:

  • Your total Leo Power (on the 15th) must be less than 25k.
  • You must power up at least 150 Leo on June 15.
  • You must not have powered down Leo since January 15.
  • Make a post or a thread on Leo Finance about LPUD. If you make a post perhaps you'll get a visit from @leo.voter!

And the prizes are:

And, since this month was #LPUD first anniversary, the LeoFinance team is sweetening the deal a bit:

If more than 200 Lions power up more than 150 $LEO, @leofinance will add two extra delegations worth 20k Leo Power each!

I would like to note one thing, however. Even if, for whatever reason, you are not eligible for the prizes, you can and should still participate! You will be contributing to the growth of Leo Finance and, in the future, your stake could be worth a lot more than any prize.

My LPUD participation

Although I didn't come close to last month, when I powered up 8,000 LEO tokens for the Zealy campaign, I still did pretty well this month. I powered up 1,000 LEO, which is roughly 7x the minimum for prize eligibility.

I'm getting to the point where I won't be eligible to any of the prizes but I take it as a good thing because it means I'm growing my stack and, even when I do get to that point, I will keep participating on all #LPUDs and spreading to word to try and get as many others to join the fun as well.

The Zealy campaign made me reach my goal for 2023 7 months before planned so now it's time for me to sit and come up with a new plan for the year because I'm not anywhere close to being done!

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