The prediction is hit when taken the update at first morning.

Hello everyone of crypto world.

Another day that started with the crypto matket just being under down price which is predicted from my previous post at yesterday and its happened. So, there is lots of reduction is found and coins are decreasing their price. Here is two option for this market as like this down price hold till the sunday or the price down still sunday but except Thursday. The first prediction is most probability to happen and seems like normal and if it choose second option then we have to say the third correction of crypto market isn't over yet.

I am few worried about the price of hbd, as it continously stay just over ninety cents, and excessive dryness of pricing by down and decrease price index of crypto market may lead the exceptional status price of hive. I think the witnesses holder of hbd won't be goes down in this early stages, as it successfully stable at the price just arround one dollar.

Just noy to be worried abouy yout coin and assets just survive to the upcoming week, when this coreection and bear market is over, the good time will be start for everyone. And i always says that every down price is opportunity to investment, if you buy Ltc coin when it was $43 and sell at $54 by yesterday, then you will able to gain ten dollars per coin of Ltc, if you see that the up coming week is still down price and no more increase or upward of your desire coin, you may buy at the time of suday before goes high and sell it before end of Tuesday.

Before you step into the investment of cryptocurrency market, analysis yourself and risk with liability too.

Upcoming day will be a good day, till then, stay happy, stay cool and keep safe with your assets.

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