The day of morning with crypto market and update price list.

Hello crypto lovers.

Here is my crypto coin update status mostly about my favourite crypto coins and this information is taken from the source of

Today's market isn't down at the starting of first morning, and thanks god that still keep in alive. But the crucial time is ahead of us about next five days. In this time price will be try to keep low and decreasing by forcing but how, I don't know. Previous observation appear that the prediction of price will be down and till the sunday. And question is how much in volume it will be become shrink down is still unknown.

That looks pretty good nice move upward by all my favourite crypto coin just compared with the previous two days. Tomorrow will be the correction price again but i don't mind if it just below 0.01% for all my coins.

Btc and eth is respectively come back at 20K and 1K land mark, while Ltc is just over 50 dollars only. In this situation hbd is little bit lower than all time its price showing but hope with more closer to one dollar at later hours. I am just holding all my coins for the September and lets see whats come up after that.

Till then, stay happy, stay cool and keep safe with your assets.

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