Market is looking pretty good with decent price up but isn't it steady right now!?

Hello crypto lovers.

Here is my entry for the day of update of my favourite crypto coin status and this information is taken from the source of

Today we have found that market is pretty good up with decent price and appear with greenish most of coin. Now it turn and pull back but how long this will be is asking like a question and answer is uncertain, because i only make a prediction but not the true future events of our fate.

In this list all of coin are try to climb up as its best but the number of value is very small as market is under pressure after a shock and shaking from the correction of crypto prices. In this regards my analysis said that all the coins are starting with zero! How, if you checked the price list of particular coin just before three year ago, you may find the similar kind of price of all them like btc, eth, and eth. So, if the market raise again with a decent and moreover the aggressive price up it will be called the phoenix bird(read market). Because it staring it the new standard and grew up day by day which required everything with a fresh start.

I have mentioned about several times about ltc, which is in very low price like the three years ago. I have collected as much as possible this coin with my capital and assets do i have, and waiting for the September to see how is going with this coin.

A market correction is still left for this year, and it not sure when it will be done. Whatever is happening to this market, i won't left hope. Let's see how it feedback us with a vision from the crypto market.

Till then, stay happy, stay cool and keep safe with your assets.

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