Market is just start to green but not a significant amount.

Hello friends and crypto lovers.

Here is my another update of my favourite crypto coin status, this information of status is just only taken from the

In this list, we have found that the all the coin are now turning to green which is i think from the last Wednesday. In this situation i have take steps to invest in few more coins like shiba innu, Ada, Algo and Xrp. So, basically i have try to find a point that break of price let me enter into market with lowest price of that coin, still that tje market is up and green with certain amount of price.

Though my investment is very low but only one thing of investment with simple rules that don't put your all eggs in a single bowl. So, i have split my money into four categories.

This investment is for a long time but if it reaches earlier at my desire price in a short, i won't be mind to sell it right now. The market behaviour is unusual and its not the finally about the market correction. Next two weeks are very important to judgement for stable and strong market nature find out. If it shown its stability then your investment is safe or again in correction, your money will be in risk, but won't be worried, you have to patience while you are in a investment.

Others coins are as usually grown up after last couple of days price down. Hopefully it will be continue at least four weeks! Just let me know if you have invested in anyothers coin in this crypto market in the comment section.

Till then, stay happy, stay cool and keep safe with your assets.

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