Is market correction is already running here?!

Hello crypto lovers

Here is the update of my favourite crypto coin status, this update help me to review at a galance while i have look back of my previous post with price tag, which also help me to find out last few weeks or daily or more over monthly to find out my favourite coins price status- how all behaviour in this current situation. All of these information are maintained from the

A few weeks ago, a massive price correction is done with the crypto market, but right now it wont show the similar case but the two big coins are are in down the current price of previous day as well as market index too. This may lead another price correction in the crypto market, crypto market is now volatile with the price sensitive. Price is being settled out for few coins, so it would be lead the coin in price correction again.

Market is going to be uncertainty with this price prediction, prediction won't be able to find right way, the current supply and market cap is different in this this situation with total circulation. Btc and eth is underway and lowest in price from the last six months.

The two possible way yo figure out from here, one is obviously it goes for another price correction or let it alone to the investor to make it possible steady at two more weeks for the same price transactional way. It will be difficult as no one is ready to buy more in low price then how everyone is shown their dare to buy at high price.

I have to say think about it, if the orice is low then you will buy a little portion from your assets and capital for long term investment. This is notba guarantee to gain your profit, but profit comes at low price investment. Buy at low price and sell it if gain 50% of your buying price which require long time.

I am not a financial expert for advice you and guide you, do your own research and analysis before investing.

So far, stay happy, stay cool and keep safe with your assets.

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