A huge amount of price are lost since the third price correction in crypto market.

Hello crypto lovers

Won't the best day while you have open or not about today's market update and my post too. Its have been bleeding among all the coin and whichever leads the with top coin of btc is just over 18K+, thats i have mentioned in my earlier post. I am happy that my prediction was right but always reverse situation of my prediction will give happiness if i have menyioned for down price. So, people who have hold their assets with that exact coin sure loss a big portion of their assets and i am among of them. But few stable coin like hbd is save me for a while. Hbd is still just one dollar arround keep alive with strong position too. If you convert your all coin into this hbd then it will be save a lots of buck in your pocket and that should be done before two more weeks. If the market is not raised tomorrow's by positive value and hold for 24 more hours then it will be drop down 15K of btc. And all of us are very well concerned about that how much is impact on crypto market by yhis btc.

Now we are in a stromy of desert where wind blow all of things like sands and others, we have stay survive in this situation till the end of June-July, after that we may struggle to grow up and later build up the market capital too. And tillnthe September we are looking forward.

Stay happy, stay cool and keep safe with your assets.

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