PIZZA HIVE Witness Announcement


We are excited to announce that the witness node is officially deployed and is now helping to power the HIVE blockchain! This is an exciting moment for PIZZA as we officially state our intent to help build and grow HIVE long term.

Creating more value at HIVE is something we feel incredibly passionate about and are doing that through PIZZA. Over the past few months we have been working to build a truly community-centric second-layer token here at HIVE with a focus on engagement, fun-ctionality, and onboarding with holder rewards being a large part of our culture.

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Witness Nodes
For those who have been following along, this is actually our third Witness node within the HIVE ecosystem. We also help power the DLUX network and the Hive-Engine network while also helping to find and offer advice around bugs that we have found so far.

First Video Game Store on HIVE
Gamers can now purchase Steam PC games using PIZZA and HIVE without needing to go through Steam or other retailers that require a credit card or your personal information! This is just the first step in our goal of replacing the things gamers do every day in their lives! Let's give people more reasons to live on the HIVE blockchain!

HIVE Video Game Servers
We have existing (and continuing to expand) infrastructure that we are currently migrating to HIVE that will power our HIVE focused video game servers. Currently we've transitioned a Minecraft server and a DayZ server to HIVE that we are using to meet more gamers and introduce them to HIVE. We even have challenges built in Minecraft where you can earn PIZZA! We have dozens more servers on the way that will see more gamers finding their way to HIVE.

Hive-Engine Wordpress Widget
We have built the first Hive-Engine based Wordpress plugin that links live pricing data from the second-layer to your wordpress website. You can choose your favorite tokens and list them easily on your website.

PizzaMenu Discovery Extension
We understand that there are tons of amazing resources all across HIVE. These can be difficult to keep track of! As such, we have built the Hive Discovery extension for Chrome and Brave web browsers. This tool will help existing as well as new users navigate the vast HIVE ecosystem.

DeFi Solutions that Reward Contributors
PIZZA is a community backed project. We have built an awesome delegation rewards system that will allow users to delegate their HP to our curation account to farm PIZZA tokens in return for a daily APR return. Currently there is an inflation of 20 PIZZA tokens that is distributed between all delegations, based on the amount your delegate.

We're currently preparing for the next stage of this that will see an increase in delegation rewards through PIZZA AND HIVE.

We have a vast rewards system that makes it possible for all holders to win a return for simply having PIZZA in your wallet. Here are some of the ways your can earn PIZZA by being a holder:

  • Daily/Weekly Lottery (up to 5% back!)
  • Top 10 Leaderboards (up to 10% back!)
  • Engagement Rewards (we have several methods of earning PIZZA through engagement such as giveaways, contests, and fun activities in the Discord and game servers).

While this list does not cover all of the neat tools we have created for HIVE, here are a few more that we've built so far:

  • Pizzabot - (engagement bot being used vastly across HIVE)
  • Pizzagreeter - (onboarding bot being used to greet new users and help them navigate their first moments in HIVE)
  • Pizzadelegator - (PIZZA bot built to power our delegation DeFi solutions)
    all your githubbies
  • Pizzabox (in-development community Discord bot that will be used to help onboard new users)

We have built a website over at where much of our future functionality will continue to be. In addition to the game store, a music shop will be available along with other services that we will offer to entice more users to come to HIVE.

We are also building an "Onboarding Adventure" that will entice new users to learn about HIVE through gamification. Our adventures will be constantly updated such as large scale MMO would, offering dailies and weeklies that users can complete to learn more about HIVE and our ecosystem. In return users will be rewarded with website based points and ranks (so non-HIVE users can still play and learn) that will lead to on-chain rewards that the user will need to register for. We anticipate this to be a wonderful and in-depth experience that all new HIVE users (and existing users) will enjoy.

As we want to continue building value in HIVE and showcasing the amazing things that our amazing blockchain has to offer, we will continue to build partnerships with other projects.

For example, you can currently buy PIZZA tokens and deposit them into the MusicForLife tribes VFT Labs farms to farm VFT tokens for use in their store or to sell!

We have a very active curation account where we manually curate tons of creative content, rewarding people for their effort and for promoting high-quality and creative content.

We have so much more on he way and are extremely excited to cement PIZZA and ourselves as part of HIVE culture long term.

We are here to stay!

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We are not associated with and do not endorse the pizza finance project on BSC. If we do explore BSC, we will announce it here first and it will likely involve our Governance token.


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