My HIVE Onboarding Measure & Marketing Statistics


Heyooo my HIVE brothers and sisters

I was going to post this directly to but the platform is bugging out on my pictures for some reason so I will just use ecency.

First of ALL

  1. I want to thank you for being here
  2. I want to thank everyone who made this possible from the beginning all the way back on steemit and until now on Hive.

Its been an amazing journey and I truly believe in this platform and what it has to offer the people of the world.

I am always learning more everyday lol I literally just learned about curation trails today guys cmon lets put our hands together for that slow bloomer XD

I also want to shoutout all the communities that I have tagged and show some serious love as you are the backbone of this whole operation.

Thank you @leofinance @ecency @ctp @archon @neoxian @palnet @proofofbrain @posh @stemgeeks @engagement and @creativecoin!

Aaand I wanna give a shoutout to the @skatehive community just because its my fave lol


I am a super passionate person when it comes to helping people who want to help themselves but just cant seem to figure it out.

This especially applies to a lot of artists and creators that I know who cant seem to make enough money doing what they love.

I can relate very deeply to their struggle and I absolutely adore these people and their souls on a fundamental level.

As an artist myself, I still struggle daily to grow my channel but my contributions to this space make me feel confident that I can help these people.


Awakened Alien

I started a page called Awakened Alien awhile back for bringing awareness about cryptocurrency and blockchain projects that I like and have had success with among some others things I find essential to a growing understanding of the world.

I make all my own digital assets and hope to be a shining example for marketing solutions to the people that I know.

It has basically turned into an onboarding channel for HIVE and a few other platforms that I use to make cryptocurrency.

It hasnt really been very successful yet in onboarding but I wanted to document my process and progress thus far.

I also use the @awakenedalien page to test the parameters of using some of the other dapps and documenting that process for others to follow.


My current focus is mainly targeting artists and content creators who use facebook and instagram daily.

This group of people already have the consistency of posting down to actually do wonders if they focused on creating their content on a better platform for monetization.

This post is a great opportunity for me to ask for some help!

I am seeking to create a brainstorming session with others who have had success in onboarding or who have a mind for marketing or would like to try to implement some new marketing strategies created for onboarding. Plz comment below if you want to help :)

Check out my work

I have been using Publishox experimentally to test the waters on their payouts so I originally posted my last two onboarding posts there under the pseudo Aleen and the Channel name Awakened Alien

The last one I wrote targets artists as a whole and the one before specifically targets skateboarders.

I have actually spent a little money marketing the facebook page I made but I recently broke 100 likes using some organic marketing techniques.

Out of that 100 I used targeted advertising to get exactly 50 likes using two ads that cost me a total of $13.49.


The first ad had a wider target audience and I ended up paying $.41 per page like.

The second ad was the exact same as the first but I narrowed down my audience to target a better ROI of $.20 per page like.

That tweak was based on the audience reports of sex and age group that best identified with the ad and were more likely to engage.

To my suprise it doubled the effectiveness of my second campaigns adspend!

I started running the ads after I hit 25 likes from my loyal and super supportive friends and family.

The rest have been from me sharing about my journey making money with cryptocurrency in facebook groups surrounding topics I enjoy.

I am doing well in converting my artwork into page likes on fb with my inbound copywriting strategies but I feel like the HIVE conversions I am looking for will only be achieved with video content.

I truly enjoy studying consumer science and practicing my hand in marketing so if you enjoy this type of content you should definitely follow me for more!

Also Please do me a favor and support the page on facebook and consider purchasing some dope ass branded merchandise from my threadless shop.


Give your friend @rilo a follow


Always remember to like, comment and share.

I appreciate the love and support from every one of you.

Thank you for reading!

P.S. Please check out my new website!

P.S.S. Just in case you missed it in my last post. This list has all the links needed to support a growing crypto portfolio for absolutely free!

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Thanks so much for stopping by and best of luck to you in all your endeavors!

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