Decided To Buy Some Floki Inu


Ok, don't judge, I decided to throw some money at Floki Inu. Why? I think it has some potential with work on an NFT game and also a content platform.

There's also some real world advertising being done, in Switzerland of all places. It will come down to the community eventually and if they do deliver on the NFT platform, I think it could 10x.

For anyone interested in buying, I used PancakeSwap. You might face an error when trying to buy - something like insufficient amount or something. What you need to do is increase your slippage tolerance to 10%.

This means that your transaction may be front-run and it did cost me something like 20,000 Flokis from the price indicated before converting. Not a significant lot anyway.


I bought $20 worth as a lottery ticket. It could moon or it could end up worthless. Either way, I think it looks alright from a risk reward perspective.

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