Bitcoin Futures ETF Likely To Be Approved By SEC


News out on Bloomberg today that insiders are saying that the SEC is unlikely to oppose the first U.S. Bitcoin futures ETF to begin trading next week. You can read the article here:

For those of you facing the paywall, just a quick reminder that you can bypass it using Brave and opening it in a private window.

Looks like Uptober keeps going on and I expect the positive momentum to continue to the end of the year as other ETFs get up and running.

Bloomberg Intelligence has a list of upcoming ETFs and their probabilities of getting accepted in the article I linked above earlier. There are 9 major BTC ETFs scheduled for trading in 4Q 2021.

Can you imagine the incoming institutional FOMO that's incoming. I expect a lot of upside volatility once the first one gets approved. This probably explains why BTC is up to almost 60k today.

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