My Power up day

Today is power up day, and well this is a big one for me.

I was lucky enough to buy some Hive when the price was $0.17, I managed to buy just a bit more than 20k Hive.

I bought the Hive purely from a speculation perspective, thinking it was under priced. Luckily I was right, and the price moved up.

So Why power up?

I was thinking should I take profit, or power up the Hive (or convert to something else)
in the end I decided to power it all up, so today was the day I powered it up. The reason I powered it up was that I have been engaging in this community intensively for a few months now, and to be perfectly honest I enjoy it, and I really wanted to reward good content of fellow Hivers (or Hivians? what's the right word) that have helped me get acquainted with Hive with a substantial upvote.

So what I am doing with my Hive Power

I haven't fully decided what I will do with all the hive power, Its not like I'm a whale, but it does now feel like I can be a small difference to someone's post.

So in thinking about this, I have decided to up some delegations, and I below is a brief reason

  1. Actifit 500HP - I increased my delegation to @actifit as this was really my introduction to posting on Hive, and I really like what they are doing, plus my health has improved being motivated to hit that 10k steps. On top of this, I receive weekly delegation rewards in Hive, HBD, and Actifit tokens.
  2. Leofinance 1000HP - I increased my delegation to @leo.voter as I really love the LEO finance project and finance is an interest of mine. On top of that I will receive probably about 0.5 LEO per day on this delegation at the moment. I really do think there is lots of promise for growth in this token. I just wished I could delegate to their sister project as well, CUB Finance, but that's another story.
  3. Ecency 1000HP - I increased my delegation to @ecency. Firstly this is quite rewarding financially, I receive the usual Hive rewards each day, and on top of that I receive ecency points which I can use to boost (i.e. ecency upvotes) my own posts, or of those friends and followers that I like the content of. The other thing I like about ecency, is the easy onboarding process, and I have onboarded a few new hivers using ecency and found it a smooth process, particularly with the app, for those users that don't have a PC.

What about upvoting posts?

Well I still have lots of HP to manually curate content, and one thing I have been doing lately is onboarding splinterlands players and lending them my accounts to play and earn, with some sharing of rewards. Some of those players have decided to venture into blogging, and its really hard to get a following at first, so my upvotes, can maybe help them get a start and contribute to this community. I really like helping people generate an income for themselves, and Hive allows some to do that.

I like the saying:

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for his life time

Lastly, I powered up a few other users that have showed kindness on this network as well, as my way of saying thanks, I encourage you all to think about that person who went out of their way to help you, and maybe power up 10 Hive for them too, and in the process you will receive a power up day badge.

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