Becoming your own expert in crypto

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I was on a forum earlier this week , and on the platform there was this young guy that was complaining about how a particular expert advised him to buy luna before the crash to occur , he said that he himself saw signs that the market might crash at that time but the analyst kept convincing him and made him to agree with him , he narrated to the platform on how he lost all his life savings to the investment simply because the expert analyst told him and assured him that the market was never going to crash at that time which it eventually did...

Now I am not here to ponder on whether the analyst was a good one who only made a wrong call or was a bad analyst who was always lucky to make the right call even though he has no idea...and later the luck could know longer save him or her.

I am not here to talk about that, but what I want to talk about is that one lesson I learnt from the story of that young man is that one should learn to be their own expert..

Get the right knowledge about the market , do your own analysis, make use of your own analysis and keep your fingers crossed and watch everything unfold..

Those who claimed to be expert analysts did not just sleep and wake up the next day and become an expert analyst or whichever they classify themselves.. It took years of experience which includes both the good and bad and ugly..

Learn from your own experience on the market and start trading based on your own analysis and terms , I am not saying you should never listen to opinion from others , but what I am saying is that you should learn to DYOR no matter the opinion which you want to follow..

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