“Silver Adventures”- Captain Joshua Slane – 13SE21- ‘What's oan me mind?'


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[Thoughts froms th' Keptin...]

"What’s oan me mind? A lot mukkers! Ahh took a nibble o' silvers™ yesterdays, an' whit dae Ahh see's tonight? Th' Asiar markets ur openin' up abune! Blye me, but those Chinars ur unpredictable an' such! But we're makin' bunsens awreddy oan th' Sunshine Mint buy Seturday! But was 'att it fur uir Buy Cycle muckers?! A flash in th' pan?! A flittin' flert oan a fest rin?! A spoon o' honey froms a sleek passin' schooner?! Bludy Nora! Ahh dinnae try tae test th' markets. Th' moorns night will teel th' tale an' it will follaw th' lines oan mah chart! Will it be buy mates? Ur will it be hauld? Mebbe th' Brine Witch Ursula knows- but Ahh'll nae ask 'er!
See's ye aw doon in th' reply section of th' log. It's gam oan fur th' fifty copper challange! Keeps it movin' an' shakin' mates!" 😉 -Keptin Joshua Slane



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Vocab fur lainlubbers:

abune (above)
aw (all)
ay (of)
bonnie (pretty)
caur (care)
cheil (man)
dae (do)
dinnae (don't)
dobber (bastard)
doon (down)
dug (dog)
enaw (enough)
gezz (give me)
guid (good)
gin (gun)
heel (hell)
hiner (hope)
hauld (hold)
isnae (is not)
jobby (shit)
ken (know)
kent (knew)
lae (leave)
loch (lake, like)
mair (more)
muckers (mates)
mukkers (friends)
nae (no)
noo (now)
oan (on)
onie (any)
oot (out)
pit (put)
puckle (a couple)
puir (poor)
reit (right)
rin (run)
shair (shore)
sit (set)
skelp (hit)
stoatin (great)
swatch (look)
swede (rutabaga)
tae (to)
tatties an' neebs (dinner)
tay (too)
tint (lost)
uir (our)
ur (or)
waurs (worse)
woods (would)
Worsted-stockin' knaves (poorly presented bums)
yak (eye)
yin (1)

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References: Pictures from: www.freeimages.com, www.pexels.com, pixabay.com, steemit.com, Wikipedia an’ www.google.com/maps. Data loosely interpretted froms: Wikipedia, an' sometimes finely crafted reit from th' author's extensiff personal experience an' such.

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