“Silver Adventures”- Captain Joshua Slane – 11SE21- 'Your best steady hand Hack!'




⛵ ⛵ ⛵ ⛵...(Tour of "High Island")...

[Last time...]

“Ahh cannae believes it! Th' rumur is 'att one o' them was shot!” Junior Petty Officer Ronshield exclaimed as he gripped the rail and gazed east.
“Ahh heards it tay. Dae ye think they's killed?!” Junior Petty Officer Tayoutoftherz replied with deep concern.

“Ahh don’t ken, but judgin' by th' way 'att rower was pullin', Ahh’d say it was serioos!”

Overhearing the conversation, Boy Tipper crouched down low and peered through the spindles of the portside rail with his dogs Doug and Skye. The two longboats were now coming into clear sight and he squinted to make out the scene...

“Those dobber Franks!” He cursed under his breath, “Th' Commander is doon!!”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

[On the Silverton…main deck…]
It didn’t take long for the Cockpit Mate Andofzara and his strong rowers to tow the first longboat and its desperate crew back alongside the Silverton…

“Git those rope ladders doon! Cheil th' hoists! Where’s Hack?! Ahh wants a stretcher up haur oan th' dooble!” The Captain bellowed as he gazed down at the boats, spotting the slumped figure of his longtime commander in the rear of the second.

The gathering of crew slowly parted as the raspy voice of Warrant Officer Surgeon Hack assailed anyone who stood in the way. Behind him, four strong men carried a stretcher, and the group slowly made their way to the portside rail.

The captain was already tuned to a rare fury, as the stretcher was lowered over the rail to the boats below,

”Git back! Make some breathin' room fur Gawd’s sake! We’ve got a woonded cheil haur! Givs heem some caller air!”

Galligan was carefully rolled onto the stretcher and with what little strength she had left, Warrant Officer Errislravenhill slowly made the torturous climb up the rope ladder. Once on deck, she collapsed for a moment in pure exhaustion as Hack kneeled down and addressed her…

“What’s happened tae heem Sairrr?! Givs it aw tae me?!” He said in a low tone.

“He’s…shot…upper left back…the ball…gain clean ben!” Errislravenhill said in a quivering voice.
“Ahh sees. Yoo’re in nae fockin' shape fur surgery Sairrr. Ahh’ll tak' thes one, Gawd knows Ahh’ve opened heem up enaw times afair!” Hack replied quickly as he stood up and nodded to the men to get moving.

The captain’s eyes were bright red. He had the strain of a hundred men on his mind and Hack could see it…

“Yer best steady hain Hack! An' Gawd be wi' ye!” The captain said in an urgent tone.

Hack pulled his cigarette out of his mouth before replying, “When havs Ahh ever nae bin steady!”
The captain raised one eyebrow slightly and swallowed hard as he followed close behind…

Petty Officer Illielow and Cockpit Mate Andofzara quickly made their way through the crowd of seaman and helped Errisl up from the deck. Her eyes were a little glazy and her legs wobbly…

“Whit happened oot thaur Sairrr?!” Andofzara asked with great concern in his eyes.
“Anither…hidden...Frenk.…” She replied slowly.

Illielow couldn’t help but notice the tears running down her face and he glanced at Andofzara with a questioning look…
“Let’s git 'er doon tae 'er cabin….” Andofzara said as he put her right arm over his shoulder, “Yoo thaur, Junior Petty Officer…”
“Aye Sir?!” Oldrooster replied with a quick salute.
“Git doon tae th' galley an' brin' up some whiskey an' water tae th' Warrant Officer’s cabin!”
“Reit awa' Sairrr!”
As Illielow put his shoulder under Errisl’s left arm, the trio slowly made their way to the galley stairs and disappeared down the steps.

Boy Tipper ran over to the middle of the deck and tugged on the pant leg of Petty Officer Yprecious…

“Sairrr, dae ye thinks th' commander will be alright?!” He asked with great sorrow in his voice.

Officer Yprecious looked down at the long trail of blood that led to the portside rail and then back at the boy…”Ahh hiner tae heel he wills Laddie…Ahh hiner he wills….”

Tipper looked down and put his hands over his eyes as lassie dog 'Skye' came up and licked his tears away.

⛵ ⛵ ⛵ ⛵

Vocab fur lainlubbers:

a scuttle (six)
afair (before)
aff (off)
ahh (I)
anither (another)
'att (that)
athwart (across)
barnie (fight)
bloody nora (bad luck)
bludy heel (bloody hell)
brine (sea)
caller (fresh)
cannae (cannot)
cheil (man)
coorie (hurry)
dae (do)
dobber (bastard)
doon (down)
dorn't (don't)
een (eyes)
enaw (enough)
feit (feet)
follaw (follow)
fower (four)
frenk (Frank)
fur (for)
gain (gone)
gang (go)
glaikit (stupid)
hain (hand)
haur (here)
heel (hell)
hiner (hope)
hodden (common, inexpensive)
hoo (how)
isnae (is not)
jawbox (sink)
ken (know)
laddie (boy)
lassie (girl)
loch (like)
loon (boy)
main (must)
'main 'en (come on)
nae (no, not))
noo (now)
oan (on)
och (oh)
onie (any)
oot (out)
poke (pocket)
puir (poor)
reit (right)
scran (food)
spyug (bird)
stoaner (hard)
strang (strong)
swatch (look)
tae (to)
tay (too)
teels (tell)
thaur (there)
tint (lost)
ur (or)
wee (little)
weel (well)
whit (what)
wi' (with)
ye (you)

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kerrislravenhill (68)in #leofinance • 2 days ago
"Me arms are killin' me. A suggestion Sairr, maybe we should 'ave used Doug and Skye t' sniff oot th' Franks."

"Stoatin idea 'att is! Ahh'll tries it oan uir next raid... (Ahh'm feelin' bad enaw as it is...)" 💡😌 -Keptin
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