Red Crypto Market Sentiments

June 14, 2022

One, two, and counting. It's been two years that I've been venturing into this cryptoverse and I could say that it isn't easy. It's like an extreme roller coaster ride that makes me dizzy. Catching the bull is the toughest, as bears mostly dominate the races. Crossing the green and red trends is dangerous, and getting a profit is laborious. We can not tell, Will it spike or will it dip?

Its sudden swing we couldn't predict. One day it's going North, the next second, it's going South. Even its marks are hard to retrace. Should we jump in or should we exit? Oftentimes, it makes me exhausted, and catching the trend is often thwarted. Because if I dive in, I might just fall. And if I dive out, I might just tumble.
One, two, and counting. How many times has the market crashed? It's pressure like a dip, dip, dip, that will never stop. It's tumbling, dropping, falling, but we couldn't let it go. Can't it just go up, up, up, so we could laugh? The laughter of joy for the bountiful harvest.

For the nth time, it's bloody red, should we be afraid? Where should we go, and what should we do? Ignoring it makes us cowards, facing it will put us at stake. Can't I just eat a medium raw beef steak? I love red, but not today. I love red, but will never be again tomorrow.
One, two, and counting. It's been two years since I'm collecting coins I thought are gold. So that someday I can buy things I can't afford. The first year was exciting and fun, and I got more buns. As days pass by, it diminishes. The excitement is not anymore fresh. The market seems hard to rise as if it's as heavy as 21 million tons of gold, putting portfolios in red and bold. And how was mine? It ain't a pretty sight anymore.

Gone are the days I was excited to trade. Sleepless nights and restless days have been paid. Gone are the days I liked chasing bulls and bears. But seeing the market now just gives me fear.

Gone are the days my portfolio was green which made me feel like a queen. But now it's dropping, putting me in pain. And I feel like I am stuck in vain.

Gone are the days cryptos were in their ATH. They made me jump high from A to H. Now the market is crashing to its All-Time Low. These red crypto sentiments, I wanna throw.

Now, what I need is to breathe so deep until the crypto market is no longer on the dip. Patiently, I would wait for its comeback because I no longer want getting setbacks. Strategies should be laid down and I should erase the frown.

One, two, and counting. My heart patiently pounding. For the green market, it is longing. And once it happens, I could add something to my belonging.

Pardon me if this getting nonsensical, Pardon me if this getting nonsensical, I couldn't anymore think of words lexical.. But I just wanna rest from thinking about this crypto unrest. To end this random rant, I better grant. It is still red everywhere, so you better get more breather.

Bye for now crypto market!


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