sales communication techniques .

sales communications techniques this are useful techniques use when communicating with customers which are listening, sales communication and interacting with customers.


thinking of your recent sale you have encountered different suggestion have to which you handle a selling situation. you must know your customer want and that means asking questions and listening to the answer.

there have been times where salesman have talk to customer but into and out of sales simply by taking so long the customer lost their enthusiasm to buy.

rules that sales people should use.

give other people a chance to talk: otheer people talk no matter what it is you trying to put across in word, listener reaction their questions, comments, and opinions will let you know if you are succeeded.

listen attentively: listening is not a passive one is just a simply matter of waiting until the other person has finished speaking.

listen both to what is actually said and to what is hinted at or suggested: when the speaker words gives the listener some clue about their actual meaning.

don't interrupt: taking this for granted know what the other person is trying to break in with own explanation. cultivate the habit of listening to everything your prospects.

people do not always say what they think or what they mean: unconscious behavior may be used to divert the thrust of your sales effort or to avoid making a decisions.

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