Promoting your online community in social media marketing.

Facebook offers three basic way of building up your audience Invite friends, Share your page, and Employ paid Facebook advertising. these order is scalability, inviting million of friend is a nice startup but this just the beginning extent the impact of post about your page on timeline on a group or messages privately.

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Best practices for promoting your online community.

*First, prominently display on your website the logos of Facebook, Twitter,Google+, and YouTube or other social icons. Subtle little footer icons are getting to be common practice, but I’d challenge you to think bigger. Take a cue from Red box, which dedicates a full 20% of its footer real estate, about four square inches, to large, eye-catching icons for Facebook, Twitter, its MS “Text Club,” and mobile apps for iPhone and Android. Importantly, ed box includes a call to action (“Stay in Touch”) and a consumer value proposition (“Preview & Reserve Movies!”).


Consider integrating those icons by using widgets or via an application programming interface (API), so users never have to leave your website in order to “like,” “pin,” or “follow” you.

Display those same logos in the header or footer of the e-mail newsletters and promotional campaigns you send to your house e-mail list. Don’t forget to do this in automatic transnational messages like shipping confirmations as well as in your promotional e-mails.

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Display social media URLs—and value propositions—in your catalog,sales collateral, or other direct mail.

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