Introducing EDDIE !!

Hello, my name is Eddie "the bumblebee" Earner. People just call me Eddie for short. This is my introduction post to the HIVE community to let you guys know what my intentions are for this account. I have always wanted to offer in income token on the HIVE blockchain but the timing has never been right. With the next crypto bull run getting warmed up, defi being the hot topic and general interest in crypto awareness on the rise, I have decided it is time to see what sort of interest/demand there is for a good HIVE income token that increase's payments over time. I bought a bee suit from eBay from a nice chap in Germany, opened my new account, borrowed a bunch of fake treasure from the Pirates of the Carrrabian movie set and spent all afternoon getting an awesome thumbnail for my intro post.
(PS, I returned the treasure to Disney so now we are evens for the Star Wars movies)

Eddie Earner Token (Eds)

Here is the short story of how I, Eddie Earner transformed into Eddie "the bumblebee" Earner. As i earn my income from passive streams, i have lots of time for adventures that you will see me in every week. Basically im the same person in a bee suit to be precise. People in general still just call me Eddie, I've lost a few friends and my girlfriend moved her stuff out but it's ok, it's fine. It's not been easy accepting I am a fully grown man that wears a bee suit but I have grown to embrace it and I feel, it's meant to be... It's only been 3 days from my transformation but im getting used to it. I am inspired by the wise words of Tody Maguire's Spider-Man "With great responsibility comes great powder",....sorry, power. Old habits # awkwardlaughing

The reason I am in my bee custom the whole time is that I never knew I would have to explain this and wearing normal clothes burns my skin now. I am actually covered in honey from the neck down but you would never know..... ha,....moving on.


So you see, it all makes perfect sense. You buy EDS tokens and i will pay you a HIVE income dividend every Monday for life,... are until you sell your tokens are die. Wait... I would not know if you were are, you get a weekly payment until you sell your tokens. Hold on... we'll agree on until I die. This is getting very complex fast, ok, ok...listen. Everyone that holds EDS tokens will get a weekly income payment from me until they sell their EDS tokens are I, Eddie Earner dies. Perfect. What the life span of a bumblebee? Ohh, 5 daaa... never mind # movingon

You will receive 12% per year and your income increases by around 10% every year as well. Ohh, and it's 100% passive, no staking required, just have them in your HE wallet. It could not be easier to earn passive HIVE income.


WOW, what a great sounding long term investment, right? Let's have a quick good at some numbers so I can show you guys how your income from owning EDS increase's over time to protect your HIVE earnings from inflation making EDS tokens a future proof investment.

For this example, figures are based on an investment of 1000 EDS tokens


HIVE has a natual inflation rate of 3.34% and with EDS planned 10% income increase per year, we not only keeping up with HIVE inflation, we are kicking its ass. Ponder 5-10 years into the future if you can think that far ahead, these EDS tokens will still be paying out weekly dividends, and higher payments to boot. Having a tightly restricted circulating supply will ensure token premium increases as income increases over time.

I know, I know you can't believe it. Your thinking to yourself, I can do this on my own with HIVE POWER but EDS tokens are 100% passive, no need to track curation, leases, no worrying about cool downtimes, power-downs, lost earning from life getting in the way, you don't need to worry about any of that as Eddie "the bumblebee" Earner does all the work for you and all HP will be used toward HIVE projects that have a positive effect on the blockchain.

Passive income is a highly sought after investment and I understand that a passive income token/investment is only worth anything if your income retains it's spending power. We expect our paying jobs to increase wages every year, why not HIVE incomes as well? We are at the start of the next crypto bull run making this the perfect time to double down on HIVE and watch the price climb to 50 cents to $1 are more over the next 18-24 months. 12% is not the highest dividend out there, im aware of that but your EDS income payments will never be diluted if new investors buy-in are earnings from HP decrease. These are solid consistent payments you know will hit your account every Monday, no excuss's ever. 12% is a solid ROI that is consistent and...

Your income earnings will actually increase as EDS token is set to last the test of time. I project 10% growth per year but this could be 10-20% based on not counted for incomes such as post payouts, donations, airdropps and tribe token holdings. If you're planning to be on are invest in HIVE for the long ride are the next few years at least, you owe it to yourself to invest into some EDS tokens..

I, Eddie Earner im a man of deep thought and integrity, it may not appear to be the case on the outside but inside,... in mind is strong like the worker bee. The HIVE blockchain is my honeycomb and my Queen bee is @agentlemannevertells. I see the opportunity here to provide a service that future proofs the passive HIVE income of people that believe in me and invest in EDS tokens.


Buy/Reserve your EDS tokens directly from the honey pot TODAY! NOW!

You are interested and would like to reserve your EDS tokens before the official launch on the 18th of September to hit out on dissapponiment, here is what you can do.

(ONLY 20,000 EDS being released - FOMOing is advised!!)

  • Each EDS token costs 1.00 HIVE (not HIVEP)
  • Send any amount to @eddie-earner and your tokens will be reserved and sent to your HE wallet on the 17th, the day before the official launch to hive-engine.
  • You'll start to earn weekly payments from Monday the 24th of September

Wait for the EDS token release on HE on the 18th September

  • The number of EDS tokens remaining unsold from 20,000 will be listed on the hive-engine exchange at the price of 1.01 HIVE
  • The 0.01 HIVE price increase is used to cover withdraw fees from HE to HIVE
  • After 20,000 tokens are issued, you will possibly have to wait a long time for more to be issued and the market could be your only option
  • Income payments start on Monday the 24th of September


Thank you for taking the time if you have got this far

I hope that everything wrote describes the type of project EDS tokens will be, how HIVE income is paid and how we plan to increase income over time by reinvesting some earnings back into the HIVE POWER balance. This is a long term HODL project that will reward tokens holders with increased HIVE payments the longer they hold.

Just to wrap up, the weekly post will contain a short cartoon with between 4-8 frames and below will be that weeks tokens stats, earnings and growth charts. I will try my best to make these posts are both fun to read while providing the information required to keep token holders up to date. Please upvote these posts as it's all go towards growth which is good for all token holders.



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