EDS Token pre-sale is over - Over 5000 HIVE powered up pre launch!

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The EDS pre-sale is over

Everyone that bought into EDS pre-sale will receive a BONUS 1 time only payment that was not advertised. This 1-time payment is worth roughly 4 times the first expected income payment planned for Monday at 10 PM UTC time. It's not a huge bonus but more of a thank you for supporting me pre-launch.

It has been a busy few days for me getting everything ready. After crushing some numbers I can confirm that 5235 have been pre-sold from the 20,000 that will be sold during round 1 of distribution. This gives us with 14,765 EDS for sale available on hive-engine from Friday the 18th for 1.01 HIVE each.

I, Eddie Earner have already generated enough HIVE POWER to ensure that payments are better than advertised from day 1. With my genius cartoon posts collecting decent rewards because they are awesomely unique and original, we have already added an extra 127 HIVE POWER to the honey pot so to speak. Im not surprised at all to bee honest, I've already started getting fan mail. Shout out to Disney Studios for the offer to make a movie about me but Eddie is no sell-out plus they would not let me have rights to the merch. Im already winning, I got my Bee suit dry cleaned, i had a shower the other day and im ready for the big launch to get this show on the road good and proper.


The next week for Eddie Earner

While it will bee a busy week for me. I will issue out these pre-bought EDS tokens soon then on Friday, I will put a sell order for the remaining amount from the 20,000 released EDS tokens on hive-engine for the price of 1.01 HIVE. When they are sold, they are sold. I might fill buy order at 1.01 are more after but im not 100% sure on that yet as this would play about with the tokenomics model of EDS tokens.
This coming Monday, the first EDS income payments will be paid out at 10 PM UTC and this will continue every week until you sell your EDS tokens. The longer you hold them, the higher your income increases. Defi is hot but you can not beat a consistent income that will payout every week on time like clockwork.


There is still time to buy them directly from me before the tokens for on sale on hive-engine. You will not be included in the pre-sale bonus but you can ensure your get your EDS tokens before they sell out. It's dead simple, all you have to do is send 1 HIVE per token you would like to @eddie-earner. After you do that, I would recommend following my account to make sure you see all my silly cartoon posts and stay up to date with EDS token information. Im a crazy SOB and im sure some of my adventures will tickle your funny bones. See the bottom of the post for cartoon links.

Big thank you to..........

@complxty, @knowhow92, @chrisparis, @silverstackeruk, @dkid14, @flemingfarm, @mettzli, @spirall, @jznsamuel, @shanibeer, @preparedwombat, @a1-shroom-spores, @taskmaster44500, @brofund, @gattnio, @roleerob, @chronocrypto, @underground, @oscarps, @theb0red1 and @edthecanadian

for being the pre-buyers, ya'll share the bonus payment based on the amount of tokens bought from the 5235 sold.

Full Details about Eddie Earner and EDS tokens

is available by clicking here and visiting my introduction post.

Please use the comments for asking questions

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naEDS Token pre-sale is over - Over 5000 HIVE powered up pre launch!click here
  • EDS tokens are now available - Please send 1 HIVE per token wanted to @eddie-earner - no memo required

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