Eddie Earner Cartoon shorts #8 - Suckers work for money

8th of the series of short cartoons starring Eddie Earner. They are amateur, the plot lines suck but they are written to be a good excuse to get away from crypto analyzation, HIVE politics are whatever else you are doing and be entertained for a few minutes and unwind. These shorts are used as a way to produce humorous content, something that is different.


Suckers work for money


Wow, hired and fired from 5 jobs in 1 day, that has to be a record in itself. Anyways, it goes to show you that I am my own man (Bee) and I can take care of myself and everyone else that holds a bunch of EDS tokens. My Mum always said i would grow up to be nothing, well look at my now!! Im a straight baller and just to smart and complex for the average person to understand. I make working on 20 levels look easy. So, thanks for checking out this weeks cartoon, im off to find my needle and share at a switched off TV for the next 7 hours. Enjoy the rest of day are make it better by searching EDS on hive-engine and bagging yourself some EDS before they sell out.

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Basic Stats

Every week, I update these basic stats for EDS tokens that wish to keep up with how things are going for Eddie. This week we start week 1 and as with every week, the results are consistent ....... consistently going up. That's right, we cant lose. Just check the numbers every week. I might be a BEE but i got A's for maths.


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