Tesla Still Dominating EV Market

It has been estimated that 2 out of every 3 electric vehicles sold in the US are Tesla vehicles. The electric vehicle maker has sold millions of electric vehicles worldwide. Now we are starting to see more rental options flood into the market for electric options with Tesla too. Despite heavy and increasing competition we know that Tesla continues to dominate the market.

The other stories linked with Twitter and Musk's Twitter activity might be grabbing a lot of headlines and some have questioned how much that could impact Tesla if at all, but Tesla certainly does not seem to have anything to worry about right now. They continue to remain at the top in preference for electric vehicles today and that comes for many reasons.

The Tesla brand is a preferred brand in the EV space, this doesn't mean you cannot find one negative story or another though relating to disadvantages people might see with an EV in general even if it happens to be a Tesla.

Some reports have suggested that interest might be waning for Tesla's EV, and other previous articles have highlighted that Tesla is among the most hated brands in the world today. That didn't seem to slow progress as far as demand for the EVs in the last several years though.

In 2021 they delivered close to a million electric vehicles around the world and the demand for EVs continues today, as sales around the world have grown since last year. Tesla is still seeing a great deal of demand in the EV space and has captured a significant portion of the market, some might say they don't have any competitors to worry about just yet.

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