Just Getting Started: Cannabis Sales Surpass Starbucks in 2021

According to a recent analysis of cannabis sales in the U.S. stacked up against other industries it looks like there is more revenue coming in from legal recreational and medicinal cannabis sales than there is from Starbucks coffee.

Considering the prevalence of Starbucks coffee shops that you see around the country it helps to put into perspective the huge demand that there is for medicinal cannabis and recreational access to marijuana.

There are millions of individuals around the U.S. who benefit and gain value from accessing a cannabis market.

Room to grow in cannabis

This is the sales data that we are seeing despite several states still harshly restricting the market altogether and not allowing medicinal or recreational products. In each of those states there is millions in potential for the industry.

There is a great deal of room left for the cannabis market in the U.S. to expand and millions more individuals out there who could gain value by accessing this industry.

It could also bring thousands of more jobs to different states around the country as well.

It will take some time to get there. For right now sales are behind a variety of other industries. The cigarettes market brought in over $50 billion. Other industries in comparison were salty snacks at around $6 billion, OTC painkillers at $5 billion, OTC sleep aids at $0.43 billion, and the global opioids market at $23 billion. Cannabis sales for 2021 came in around $27 billion.

In some states like California and Colorado there are billions in cannabis sales that are coming in annually. There is still a lot of space left for goods and services to be created that meet different needs in this market, from tourism to delivery services, edible variety, and much more.


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