A Compounding Account for My Daughter- Second Update

As indicated in a previous post here, I recently started a new HIVE account for my 5 year old daughter. I went ahead and dropped in a relatively small amount of HIVE, as well as some passive earning tokens in order to build up an account for her over time. We posted her first "art post" this evening and I thought it made sense to follow up with an account status post.

It's been just short of a month since the last status update so lets see how we are doing! I haven't done any transactions or moved anything around since the last post. When I logged in I claimed the rewards from my last update (I have her account set as a beneficiary).

As you can see below we've accumulated 0.177 HIVE, gained a little HP, and 0.87HBD from the update post payout. The HBD will be added to savings, the 0.177 HIVE powered up, and delegated to ecency for passive earnings.

A slight change- when I attempted to post her artwork earlier I realized I was short RC because I had been delegating EVERYTHING out. I will be keeping 0.5HP undelegated from now on in order to accommodate the infrequent posting to her account!

The value of the account in terms of layer one has increased a little- Last update we sat at $9.41 so seeing an increase to $13.76 over just a month is very positive!


Here are some of the incoming transactions from UTOPIS, DHEDGE, and ecency delegation.

And here is where we are at with the HBD moved to savings, the Hive powered up and redelegated out:


Now lets move on to second layer tokens. The goal here is to make sure we are recombining as much as possible into passive income tokens. We've begun to acquire a wide variety of second layer tokens from our DHEDGE, BRO, INDEX, and UTOPIS. I plan to sell most of these tribal tokens on the market in order to acquire more of the above passive tokens.


Here's a better view of the passive tokens we are aiming for:

I managed to sell a decent chunk of the extraneous tokens- then ran into the RC issue again. I guess I should have saved more than 0.5 HP. Like a fool I forgot how many transactions I would be doing when I only left that much aside! Regardless- I made 1.98 SWAP.HIVE and waited until I could buy the desired DHEDGE with it. I have decided to increase the stack of DHEDGE again this month for two reasons- First because it pays daily HIVE. Second because it has the best price point of the four at this particular moment!


The total stack of DHEDGE is now 77.74557935 and is the only major change for passive tokens this month beyond the normal BRO and DHEDGE earnings from drips.


With that done and more tokens waiting to be sold once the RC have recharged further lets take a look at the second layer total value. Remember some portion of this will still need to be sold and reinvested into compounding tokens once I've solved the RC issue(I may delegate the account some additional HP):


Not bad at all! This puts us in good shape! The account is growing month over month so far- truth be told this experiment has really only just started though! I didn't look at total second layer value last month but I will going forward using LeoDex. I'll plan to do another update next month and keep the updates rolling regularly. Perhaps in conjunction with art posts on her account each month... we will see!

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