Like Clockwork, The Tether FUD-sters are back


I'm not the biggest fan of Tether, actually, I do find its opacity and questionable audit to be of concern for the crypto markets as a whole. But having said that, it is interesting to see how every time we have a green crypto market, the Tether Fud-sters appear everywhere.

They're there in the financial press like Bloomberg. They're on Reddit. I am starting to think that it is a coordinated attack by a hedge fund that is either short the crypto market or trying to buy at a lower price.


Journalism isn't what it once was and seeing how you can pay to get your article printed in even reputable new outlets has made me question how legitimate the quality and timing of news pieces.

A couple of years back, a bunch of crypto scammers enlisted some A-grade celebrities to peddle their worthless celebrity token and the financial press was lapping it up. Having gone to school with some of them, I knew it was a shit-show but still was interesting to see how they got impressive publicity.

Anyway, if rubbish articles like this are to dent our 'Uptober', I'll continue adding to my bags.

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