BNB Is Becoming Unusable For Small Transactions

One of the things I loved about Binance back in the day was that it was able to handle small transactions including withdrawals and deposits unlike many of the other centralized exchanges.

Heck, probably my favorite feature was their ability to convert dust into BNB. Things have certainly changed a lot with the recent 10x increase in price to the $500 range.



I recently tried to convert some altcoins back to BNB or BUSD in order to bring it over to Cub Finance. At current BNB prices of around $500, that works out to a $25 minimum trade.



The pain isn't just limited to the trading. Even withdrawals require a minimum of $25. Back when BNB was hovering in the $30 range, the same 0.05 minimum withdrawal was present. That's only $1.50.

Possible workaround

If the objective is to move the funds to Cub, then one possible workaround is to get it in via Hive, where the withdrawal requirements are only 0.02 Hive. Still, I believe Binance should update their minimums to keep it accessible to the masses.