Brofund LEO earnings update .

Hello everyone ,

Hope you all are doing great . Today I wanna share some stats about @brofund and @brofund-leo accounts ( official accounts of BROFUND ) LEO earning stats .

Why this post?

If you are a holder of BRO , you would be curious to know how BRO is growing . The more BRO earns , the more you will receive as dividends.

If you are planning to invest in any investment token then this post will help you with stats( only LEO earnings though) which might make your decision easier.

So let's begin.

Monthly LEO earnings - @brofund-leo


Well this is only for @brofund-leo account , as you can see when started we were earning around 100 LEO per month but from August 2020 till Sept 2021 we have been consistently earning pretty good amount of LEO every month .

The recent month - Sept 2021 - we earned a total of 713.7 LEO and the good news is this month we are already off to a great start .

Monthly LEO earnings - @brofund


This is opposite to @brofund-leo earning pattern .

The April month say huge earnings but then a big drop and from November 2020 we have been consistently earning around 2k every month .

But why such a big difference? The below charts will answer your questions .

Monthly LEO earnings - @brofund ( based on type of earning )


I think this will answer your previous question . The reason for such huge earning in April is because of Airdrop when we moved from Steem to Hive .

Then we have been earning consistently without major difference . But the majority of the earning for @brofund is from mining_reward since we hold very good amount of LEO Miners.

Monthly LEO earnings - @brofund-leo ( based on type of earning )


Well most of the earnings for @brofund-leo is from curation rewards . Well @brofund-leo is basically a curation account for LEO so it makes sense that majority of the earnings are from curation rewards itself .

Type of rewards for @brofund and @brofund-leo


September Earnings


September was a good month . The average earning ( day wise ) is 71 LEO and Median earning is 70 LEO .

Proportion of earnings


Well Mining rewards has the largest pie , stake_airdrop comes next but it will diminish over time as it is static but rest of the values are dynamic .

Author rewards is something we can work on as it is just 4% of the whole pie whereas curation rewards are performing very very well .

That's it from me today , will be back next week with another analysis post . Have a good one till then .

Regards ,
BROFUND analysis team.

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