Dapps, phones, and money

This has been always my favorite category of posting because let's be honest I really like my phone. Either iPhone or Android, you definitely have one.

💲By the way, both Google and Apple stocks are in a steady decline for the last few months, so I wouldn't expect much innovation from their end, or any steep climb either.

Now, it is a problem to keep all those apps in a neatly organized way without cramming too many into a device. I already described how I organize my phone, as I usually use it for non-essential entertainment apps and reading, as my whole work is done from the laptop.
I do have a few apps that I use across my devices and I will first recommend you a few very useful apps.

  • Turtl - secure encrypted digital notebook - app use is completely free, but if you want more there are premium and business plans from 3$/month.
  • Session - private end-to-end encrypted messanger
  • Criptext - absolutely the most private mail service, with a business startup bundle from 15$/month, basic plan free.

Now when we are done with useful apps, I will continue
with other recommendations.

This week I installed Listonic - a grocery shopping list cross-platform app - it is super-convenient and even has smartwatch support.
It has all useful features - voice input, sharing, units, own photos, multiple languages and it is completely free.

💲Listonic also offers job opportunities, advertising space for companies and shops, and projects, which could be interesting if you are into these things.

I installed it a few days ago, and I have already seen some improvements in my shopping reasoning and planning. Instead of organizing shopping items by item variety icon, I organize them by a shop which I categorize based on different colors/icons. Some items are affordable in multiple shops so I use bicolored icons, or I use a specific color for generic items that can be found in various places.
In that way, it is very easy to see which shop should I plan to go to soon and how many items I have to buy there.

I also installed a few simple games, which by the way are great and everything but I think I should reinstall Splinterlands mobile app and do that instead. You can get it on Apple and Google shop. In my case app works properly but I still prefer to play it on my PC for a bigger screen and better experience.

💲I staked a few gaming token and stake some SPS and SPT. SPS or Splinterlands governance token once staked gives 38.42% APR annual, and SPT are reward tokens of Splintertalk community who work approximately the same like HIVE.

Other apps that I have and which I like are Burger shop, Fishdom, Cooking fever, and Pocket Styler. I don't say that we should have something similar on the HIVE, but I wouldn't mind.

From other recent changes, I think that Twitter will soon go to hell, so instead, I plan to use Ecency or dbuzz for my daily musing.

💲Ecency has an internal point reward system assigned to users for engagement. The same points can be used internally for promotion and boosting ( voting ) on your own or other people's content. Recently I boosted two of my posts and multiplied my earnings.

I will rather support a slew of Hive bosses that provide me with financial rewards and a humanly dignified way to earn cash, than support an obsolete billionaire and an army of his demented supporters on Twitter for free.

I expect that Twitter immediately turns to shit once Musk takes it over, as his new rules will be disappointing to so many. I don't see it flourishing and I think that the Twitter team and shareholders got a great deal out of a billionaire who obviously was undercalculating the benefits when he plotted this plan.

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