Some recent news on Atari token [ATRI]

Been over a month ago since I wrote about Atari's token sale and how anyone interested (outside of the U.S.) had some more time to get in "on the ground floor" so to say when the token prices were still at $0.08.

I decided to provide some info although a lot of it was lacking and still kind of is, but it seems like nostalgia sells and there's been some great news coming forth from the Atari team recently.

Recent big news came out that they're going to be offering $1m worth of tokens as an IEO on the exchange.

The sale will start on October 29th and be offered for $0.25 per token with $1m hard cap. The circulating supply before this public sale will be somewhere around $17.2m for 68.7 million tokens.

Right now they're still being sold on their homepage for $0.16 (ref link inside)

Of course it's not as great as $0.08 when I initially posted about it, but nice to see that some of you got some back then, at least. Hopefully this'll turn out to be a good long term investment that'll get us more Hive. :)

But of course do your own research, this isn't financial advice, etc. You know the risks.

Some more info from

With the upcoming IEO, Atari and Exchange will coordinate educational and mass awareness campaigns via AMAs, direct interviews, guides, media casts and all other applicable means or direct, and indirect marketing.

In november they're also planning on releasing their new console for the first time in 20 years:

It'll have internet connectivity, be pretty retro and let you play most of existing Atari games and some remastered ones that I'm assuming will be released. The nostalgia will be strong with this one and I'm looking forward to see how far that alone will take it with exchange listings and price appreciation in the near future along with games using the token, some gambling/casino's they're also going to add to the usecases of it and also some plans for DeFi for game financing.

More info and a list of already existing partnerships can be found here:

and if you're interested in still getting some tokens, here's my ref link again (I get about 5 tokens for every 100 you purchase): link

They accept several crypto's and the website also let's you hold them there if you want to wait for a better price of your crypto before getting in. Although bear in mind I don't know when this sale on their website ends.

They're also planning on creating a stablecoin so make sure you don't accidentally by the [ATAR] token. the [ATRI] one is the right one you want to get which may or may not appreciate or hold its value.

Thanks for reading!

Those of you who bought some from the initial post, what are your thoughts on this news? A good move to partner up with (i.e. @rogerkver's exchange?)

Let me know in the comments!

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