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So here's what I have going on as of late. I've gotten really into investing. Figuring out the best market strategies, and possibly how to jump out ahead of the game. You know, try and beat the mother loving curve. The next big thing. I have no idea if its even going to get me where I want. The thing is though, once you begin to understand just the little bit you were looking for you stumble into a whole other world of knowledge.

I'm not into automatic trading, or trying to day trade on what I've invested in. I buy, and HODL. Whatever it may be, I'm holding on until it profits the percentages I want. I'm not sure how all the rest of you go about buying the things or investing in the things you are trying to profit from. I'm going to drop a few of the things I use, and not really my strategy but my thought process when getting into something like these apps.

The first one I use is Stash shameless referall link plug in there. I got into it because it gives me a percentage of my spent money back in stocks. It was also the first platform that allowed me to make partial stock purchases. There's pros and cons, but this is what literally got me researching stocks and beginning to plan portfolio moves.

The biggest con for it is as a banking service it is slow transacting between accounts of different services. Thats about the largest con, and it wouldn't allow me to purchase cryptos online... kind of a bummer right?

The biggest pro is that is allows you to get in as a beginner and make shit happen. I've even set up portfolios for my children throught Stash currently. So we'll see how this goes. If you don't know much about stocks and want to get into it... this for sure is the route I would take.

I just opened an account with fidelity because they allow partial stock purchases as well as a bunch of other banking features. I'm in it for the partial stock buying option. I'll write something up about this one once I'm in it for awhile. I've noticed they do have more comprehensive tracking information. Its a little more complex than Stash. Its more for the intermediate skill level investor, from what I see.

Little side note... I have noticed Sodium Ion Batteries are the next phase in battery tech.... so theres that tid bit of information.

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