The final judgment of an evil witch


Hello everyone. Just a short note from me. I have been out of writing for quite some time. A part of me wanted to write, but another part of me really wanted to stay away from this world. I was tired of the daily fight.

You see, I write fantasy, paranormal, horror, crime, spiritual, romance, adventure, erotica, essays, literary, historical, humor, kids…anything that offers an escape from the mundane. I really admire 'realistic' authors that keep the mundane in the story, simply because it's real. To be honest, I am not very familiar with contemporary literature.

No, I read classic literature. The ones written in the last century. For example, Wuthering heights by Emily Bronte…which I find to be rather interesting… Or Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. I think this is one of the great novels of all time. Though not accurate, it is extremely dramatic. It powerfully delivers it's message.

There are some other classics that I always fall back to. Such as Dracula by Bram Stoker. I love this book. I have read it many times. It's really good. The imagery for this book is incredibly astonishing. I can't help but compare it to Vincent Van Gogh. Maybe that's the point?

It is almost like Gogh's Starry Night, except full of color. The darkness is enveloped within the insanely colorful scene. And it's detailed…so very detailed. I can see right through your eyes.

I love to write these books. I love to read these books. But it seems I don't fit in. I am always tired, hungry, and cold. Stubbornly, I continue to write anyway. Wuthering Heights, Jane Eyre, Dracula, the Ancient Mariner (a poem by Samuel Taylor)… these books helped me find that inner peace. The peace that I need for survival.

I found my joy. And you too…If any of you are facing these struggles… I hope this message finds you.

Chapter 2

Anyway, because I am writing this fiction, I figured it might be a good idea to use my full name… I am David… David L.… Dave… Dave… Dave… David…

Actually, it doesn't really matter what I use. You won't remember me. You are being introduced to me for the mere purpose of understanding the world that I have created for you. It's all I can do now. It's all I think I can do now.

I watched the flames dance up the night, just as the stars stared down at me. With this sunset, I had noticed that there were no clouds in the sky. Objects and beings were three dimensional and transparent in relation to the infinite, gloriously colored sky.

I thought about how the fire and the stars communicate.

Scientists explain that if two points in space are connected, an interaction occurs. That interaction can be described in terms of energy. One could call the energy fields of the human mind energy. Well, it seems like an energy is connected with trees and trees are connected to space and space is connected to the immortal, dimensional beings scattered throughout our universe.

I miss. I miss Beth. She's so beautiful. But, at the same time, she also knows who she is. We all have our struggles and on some level we all want to escape. Maybe we just want to be happy, and we just want peace. I look at her and I can see that on some level we all want peace. And we just want to be happy. we just want to feel loved.

I want so bad to kiss her as this vast array of energy bonds the plant world with the plant of space and space with the cosmos. I can see the infinite dimensions so clearly now. I can see how it all goes together. It's so amazing.

Chapter 3

Later on that evening, I was watching a movie. The curtains were open and the curtains were blowing. Everything was perfect. I was watching a woman struggle with an invisible enemy. The heroine was wanted by a village to die, but the wise old witch wanted her to live. My friends were arguing over me, which I didn't pay any mind, as I was trying to focus on the movie. I was really enjoying this movie.

The sky was a canvas of amazing colors. The sun had set and the stars were going fast. I watched a shooting star go by. I think I saw a few leave the sky. I remember a conversation that I had with a friend a long time ago was, "Chet? Are those stars real?" I responded to her. "I think so." I responded.

"Chet. Did you ever stop to look at the sky?"

She responded with, "And the life within the universe that has various forms of life. On some level, we are all connected." Then I said, "I think I get it. We're all connected, even the plants. Maybe the plants are like the Sun (our higher powers) of Earth (the planet we live on), and our spirits are like the plants of the Sun. Perhaps our spirits are the plants, and stuff like that."

So anyway, I loved the movie, but I stopped watching because I was tired. I had just finished writing, and wanted to take a nap. But I went out to my car, so I could listen to some music, meditate, and think. I was told not to go because it might be considered trespassing. With this, I was not really sure because I didn't see signs or anything. They told me to call the police!

I ended up calling the Sheriff's Department anyway. I was told that the woman I was talking to, that there are no signs assuming that people can not stand around the areas, nor are there signs telling me that I cannot sit in the area alone. Her name was Officer Beth. I found out that she was actually born Elizabeth. Well… not that that's my business.

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