Hell in an uncertain winter of gods


A man walks in winter,

Wanders in a forest

Fills God's shoes and plays a tune

Moments of silence

For a child that's gone

And days pass by and the illusion

Keeps falling apart again

Tears in the night that's almost gone

Straight lines in a heap of snow

And bridges burn in the distance

And the frozen ground cracks in silence

And all those dead friends we knew

Are no longer the same

For days we could freeze in a time

A world of a crowd, a sun

A cold fire in a winter filled with gods

Who walked away.

(C) Ratos de Porão

A Hell In A Winter Filled With Gods is a dark and melancholic short story, but at the same time a very creative one. It speaks of harshness and sadness, but it does so in a very creative way. It is also easy to get wrapped up in the narrative. It is poetic and thought provoking. You will feel sad for the main character, and you will feel the emptiness and solitude in the world that he is in. Imagine walking in a frozen winter forest in silent snow covered mountains. That is what this story feels like.

Thankfully, there is a very positive yet sad ending. The story is very well written and it has been developed by the author (Ratos de Porão) into a standalone short story. However, literary works and short stories have no true ending. They are open for interpretation. This one is open to interpretation. It is a dark piece, but at the same time it is poetic and inspirational.

There are no character names in this story. It is not necessary. There are no chapter headings, but subheadings. There are no paragraph names but there are scene breaks. I think this adds to the dark and melancholic feeling of the story. It really does make it feel like a poetic short story. It's not written in past tense, but rather in present tense. This creative and unexpected technique adds to the feel of the story.

The title A Hell In A Winter Filled With Gods is quite fitting for the story. It is a hell in a winter filled with gods that walk away. It is in fact a story of gods walking away.

There are no comments on this story, though there are on the site whydb.com. The author says that this is due to copyright issues. He got some hate mail for it. The note below says that there is a new story called Ghosts of Othnid in the works, and he has a page on whydb.com.

This story was recommended for Story of the Week by harleen.

The full story is below.

A huge thanks to Ratos de Porão for writing such a wonderful piece and for allowing us at fictionowl.com to showcase his work.

A Hell In A Winter Filled With Gods

Ratos de Porão

A winter so white, everything turns into silence. It was almost like a soundwave, a pure wave along a frozen snow.

The man was outside, in a swirl of snow. But most of his body was covered by the coat and both hands were inside the pockets.
"My God, it is so cold outside!" He thought.

It was like ice. It was like a god that had hypnotized the Universe and left everyone asleep.

"I love winter. I is so lonely..."

The snow looked like a storm in the sea. His face and his hair turned into two long snowballs. His cheeks were cold and frozen. It was so cold outside that it felt like his tongue and his nose were ready to fall off the face. They were filled with snow, just like his eyes.

"This place is so bright!..."

The lake´s beds were made out of ice. It was not frozen, but still it was like that. The water was cold, like the cold of a knife cutting in. It was a mysterious place, a dark place, as get the feeling of a hell in a winter filled with gods.

The man could see the stars, but the stars didn´t shine. They were afraid of the cold. They were blinking at a very slow pace. It seemed like a slow pace, but it was not.

"I wish I could wish on a star..."

The lake was an ocean, or something like that. It was the sea of the winter. The man was a boat sailing in it, but he was a lonely boat.

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