YouTube Journey DAY 11: Learning Mathematics with Levi

In today's video, Levi practices doing some Mathematics exercise. He covers some counting, addition equations, and learning some basic clock reading.

YouTube Journey DAY 11

Today was a long day for me as I was out making some food for our food delivery business. Earlier in the day I was editing today's video as well as recording a new one for tomorrow's video so safe to say I'm pretty tired physically.

Although tiring but I'm contended with life and today was a blast! :D

I got to spend time with my son and enjoy his company. Tomorrow's video is gonna be a mystery package unboxing, our 2nd one of the kind.

He was really excited to get the package but had to wait till I was done with editing today's video before we could do the recording of the unboxing. He got a little frustrated that I took so long but was very very patient, ate his own lunch, and waited until I was done.

What a wonderful boy he is and I'm so blessed to have him as my son. Love you buddy.

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