LBI Token Goes Live In 5 Days

December 7th, 2020 is quickly coming upon us. On that date, the LBI (Leo Backed Investment) token will go on sale. It will be available to anyone who send LEO to the @lbi-token account. For each LEO submitted, one LBI will be sent to one's Hive-Engine/Leodex account.


Leofinance is becoming one of the more popular communities on Hive. Over the last few months it saw tremendous growth which was also reflected in the token price. We can gladly saw that the LEO token reached an all time high today. This is something that should keep going.

LBI is going to be the first project that is tied to Leofinance yet was not put together by the core Leofinance team. This is a project that operates outside the bounds of them. Here we see the value of open communities, anyone can develop a project.

This one will enhance Leofinance in many ways. To start, it provides another use case for the LEO token. Already in short supply, adding another option provides holders with an additional opportunity to benefit. It is a move that will likely put more upward pressure on the token.

At the same time, we will be curating content to provide a return for the token holders. This is something that will allow for passive gains. Each week, dividends will be distributed to the token holders, helping to enhance the ROI of the project.

Over time, it is logical to conclude that the LBI token price will increase. What we do know is the value behind this token should appreciate each month. The model put forth by @spinvest shows how profitable this can be. While the returns might not mirror that project, it is likely that people will see an outsized return as compared to simply holding the LEO token themsleves.

A bit part of this is the ability for all LBI token holders to influence the returns. In addition to being passive, there is an active component. Utilizing the inflation of both LEO and HIVE, the account can grow through the posting, commenting, and upvoting of content. Hence, each time we upvote a @lbi-token post, we are adding to our own holdings. Effectively, this benefits each token holder to some degree.

This is how we found that collective growth can easily outpace what we do individually. Throughout the week, individuals who are involved in the community will be posting on behalf of LBI. This will help to generate payouts in LEO (and HIVE) which will be used to further grow the value of the fund.

As the total value grows, so does each individual's holding.

The team behind the @lbi-token already has a near two year track record with running a program like this. @spinvest was started a little over 20 months ago. In the first year it registered an 80% jump in value with the second year obliterating that.

While nobody can promise similar returns, we can saw the system that is implemented is sound. Along with the EDS token, we are proving that double digits, annual returns can be consistently generated. Of course, this is not taking into consideration any price appreciation as denominated in USD, EURO, or any other fiat.

We simply look at these projects valued in the native tokens. With LBI, we will see how the project grows as priced in LEO.

Be sure to make note of the 7th so you can get involved at the early stages.

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