Crime Statistics of my Country and Security of Living in this place

Analyzing the crime rate of one's Country does give a view about the safety and security practices being followed in that place and the measures being taken by the Governments to ensure providing a safe environment to their citizens.
2 days back the newspapers published the crime statistics of Oman, the place where I live currently. It is considered as one of the safest places to live and I totally agree with that. Not only safe, it is also rated as the one of the top places with a healthy living environment and the people's happiness index of this place is also high. All kudos to the Ministry, who constantly keeps striving for betterment of this place and the people.

If you see the statistics of the crime registered in 2022 against 2021, there is a surge by 15%, which again is a concern, ideally to have a safe environment the crimes registrations should go down and not up. The major areas of concerns are the Cheque Bounce which comes in the top 10 followed by residency and labor law violations. Almost 50% population is expat population in the Country and majority of it is labor workforce, so this kind of problems are going to occur. In the labor force there are lot of people who come on a valid work visa, but sometimes their employer lays them off, so instead of going back they continue without valid work permits and this becomes a concern for the law.


There are many house helpers here who are staying without a valid work permit. 2 years back the Ministry announced that they would make legal provisions for all these types of people to return back to their home countries, and thousands of people left. But still there are many who chose not to, for whatever reasons.
The other noted high crimes are use of narcotics, cyber frauds, thefts and traffic law violations. Not following the traffic rules is considered to be a big offence here and can lead to heavy penalty and jail time as well. People never break signals here, because that is the highest level of offence and has severe punishment. In a way it is good, because it is a big risk for other people on the road, when one breaks a signal.

The number of murders from last year stands the same at 13. It is a very low number, compared to other countries what I see, hence I always say that this place is very safe to stay. Even the rape cases, we get to hear once in a way and it is not at all common, unlike other countries. It is good that human trafficking numbers have gone down. The major concern of crime is the Cheque bounce and it probably is connected with the illegal residency and labor law violations. These days the types of crimes are different. Before there used to be high cases of robbery, but now a days it is more about cybercrimes and frauds which are at rise.


The Ministry declared that the Public Prosecution cleared 97% of filed cases last year, which is a huge effort from the Courts. In India if there is a crime, first of all it takes 3 to 6 months to just register a case except that you are influential, things would work otherwise. And then to get it in the Court, will be forever. If it gets to the Court, then the outcome no one knows when it will happen. The person may die, but the decision may not come through. It's a sad state, but again considering the size of population and the high crime rate, the courts also are helpless. One thing I have witnessed in Muscat is that you will not see police around on the roads, but as soon as you do anything wrong, they will immediately land up, and I always wonder where they do hide :-).

Every Country's judiciary system is different and has their own style of operating, but at the end of it what matters is how safe people feel living in their City with their neighborhood. And definitely Oman is a safe haven.

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